Are people using hacks?

It seems to me that on the ranked ladder that people are using some kind of hack to force game crashes.

At first I thought it may just be some instability issue or bug, even though my my machine is for high performance gaming.

Alas, I have begun to notice that the repetition of this type of crash where my game just closes all of a sudden is only happening when I am winning games and has not happened when I am losing a match.

I think that this is something that the developers should be looking at fixing as a matter of urgency.

I must also say that I have only been seeing this on the Random Map ladder and not the Death Match ladder. I play both frequently, but with the DM community being much smaller, such hacking would be far more noticeable between players.

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I havent noticed anything. I think you need a bigger proof for claiming hacks…

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It happened something similar to me once.

Me and a friend were playing 2v2s, and in one of the matches after a few seconds into the game, it suddenly disconnects to both me and my friend (we were both using discord, so the internet was fine and both of us dc at the same time. We live 600 kilometers away, so it was not a local network problem). We queue up again and are matched against the same two guys. Same things happens. A few seconds into the game and we both disconnect at the same time. As we suspected one of these players were using some kind of hack we decided to wait a few minutes before looking for a new game. We did and the next game we played agains two different guys and it played out just fine.

I can’t say anything for sure, but it seems to have been some kind of hack or smth.

It happened to me a couple weeks ago. we had just pushed the tide in a team game and were now on top. My game just closed instantly. No error message or anything, just gone. Only time its ever happened and I’ve never had a crash before or since.

Can’t you report the players? I think the screen still allows you to

I had no certain proof they were hacking. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I let it happen and just hoped to not meet these guys again.

Two consecutive disconnects is a decent proof tho. (With the same guys, you know)

Especially since your discord call was intact

no, it is not, even with the same players.

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I don’t really think game can disconnect 2 times in a row at the same time in-game

Anyone would call that strange. Specially since OP stated the Discord call was still there

There’s nothing to lose for the report. If you took it directly to a GM and then explained the circumstances in which it happens, they could look at that player’s history and figure out if it occurs broadly amongst their games. If it doesn’t, they just won’t ban them. If it does, you’ll have saved the next group a wealth of trouble dealing with that player later on.

They won’t come after you if you have an honest concern about it. Sounds like you might. Though, it might be hard for them to detect this abuse if the games aren’t being saved due to the crash you’ve experienced.

have had in unranked, same player dropped 3 games in a row against AI, time varies between 5, 20, 30+ mins. not strange at all, this is the current issue with game, a ton of desync. someone could have a tiny bit of connection issue and game doesnt like it, will drop the player repeatedly.

  1. Was it the recent versions?
  2. I mean, it’s AI. AI can’t use hacks
  3. The time is not the same. OP mentions all the DCs were around the same time

Not sure if 2-3 examples of early drops are enough proof. There is also something called as ‘confirmation bias’. In the end the best thing you can do i report the players, so the devs hopefully look at the reports. I have to say i dont feel like the devs really look at most reports, but you might be lucky and they look at yours. I hope the devs have more tools, so they can investigate the cases.

So what should I do if I think someone is using hacks?

How can I report this? How will I know if anything is done about it?

I think the community is experienced and advanced enough to figure out that these sort of things need to be dealt with. Voobly has been fighting against the use of hacks since it’s conception. I would expect the developers here to be actively working against this as well.

How can I post a link/record and where should I post it to?

  1. yep, just this latest patch
  2. AI cant use hack, but other players can, so I dont understand your question here
  3. same time could be caused by something else. you are simply seeing the result of disconnect “same time” which could come from multiple variables. besides, just because he claim same time I doubt he used a watch and time stop to check, he probably meant similar time, which already implies theres already difference between the disconnects.