Are roads and pathways automatically build?

I noticed some amazing paths and roads, I wonder how are they made? Is it all auto?

great! if true.


It would be really nice if it’s like this

if it was auto generated, it would make our towns and cities look awesome. I hope its true.

In the Gamestar preview they said that paths are auto-generated as you build up your settlement.

Also looked like these get upgraded when you advance into a new age (dirt road into cobbled road etc.) but this is my guess based on the trailer.


Yes i noticed the same, in trailer you can compare the very early game with the advanced dark age.

At the start:

Late Dark Age:

I think that’s an amazing feature!!


yes it does, like rise of nations

I also noticed some foot bridges, will we finally be able to build them over streams?

I think constructible bridges would be cool, but practically, I am unsure when the feature would be used, especially for competitive PvP games. At first glance, it seems like an investment of resources into a structure that benefits both players equally (since I’m assuming that anyone could use it to cross). From that standpoint, I’m not sure how one would incentivize players to construct these. They might make sense to speed up travel through your own kingdom, especially if trade is a part of the game, but from the footage we’ve seen it seems likely that each player will have a single base in 1v1 battles. In these situations, as nice as the bridges look aesthetically, they don’t seem to have a strategically-viable role. Don’t get me wrong, it would be nice to have the option, but I think they would make more sense to include if there were some use case scenarios for gameplay. Maybe there are some that just haven’t occurred to me, though.

good points, but like you say it could help you get around your own base or make trading easier between allies… also if you own the bridge you would get LOS and anyone crossing your bridge would be giving away position and strength of units. a simple draw bridge could be added to allow ships to pass as well.
could help you avoid certain choke points or heavily fortified choke point defenses. or to expand your base through a natural barrier so as to have one cohesive base.
I could see various uses.

Bridges would be handy in creating backdoors to an enemy base or to connect islands. But then they’d need to restrict naval units like I said in another thread:

  • bridges can only be built on shallow waters
  • only boats are allowed to traverse shallow waters
  • ships restricted to deep waters only

Something like that would work. Also, being able to destroy bridges with siege engines while an army is crossing over it :grin:


@howlingwolfpaw Maybe you’re right; trade and base expansion might be good enough reasons to include them. Also, I hadn’t really thought of using them to hit an opponent from an unexpected angle, avoiding their main defense, like you say. Maybe they would function similarly to cutting down trees with onagers in AOE2, then? Opening up new paths to the enemy that remain open after the initial surprise attack? I have some concern about how this overlaps with a surprise transport ship landing, but maybe @Jonlan 's suggestion to restrict ships to deep waters would remove that potential issue. Also, maybe foot soldiers and cavalry could still, slowly, cross shallow streams, while siege require a bridge? Or would that remove too much functionality?

I’m a bit hesitant about the LOS idea, though. It seems to me that you could only justify granting LOS if the bridge were manned by the player’s forces in some way, in which case it wouldn’t be something that anyone could cross. Practically, that’s a fine choice, but aesthetically, a neutral, unmanned structure sounds more appealing to me.

Also, I agree @Jonlan , if we have constructible bridges, they definitely have to be destructible too :joy:

Personally, if boats are allowed to travel in rivers, I’d really like to see a structure that is basically just a chain across the water, which functions as a gate for ships. I know that along the German Rhine, robber barons would use things like this to tax trading vessels that wanted to use the river, and the timeline matches with the setting of the game (see Robber baron (feudalism) - Wikipedia). Even if this were just something used in campaigns or scenarios, it would be a neat piece of history to include, I think. In actual competitive games, it probably wouldn’t be necessary. Land walls are used to protect economy, whereas this gate on a river would protect… naval trade? That’s the only thing that comes to mind right now. Still, for scenarios or campaigns, there might be a use for it.

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The roads might give away the position of sneaky buildings such as siege workshops sooner if they are too much on the outside.

I wished to have roads since AOE1
The automated roads might be really cool if they work as intended, but would be also nice to have an option to lay your own roads, to boost unit movement speed

There is only so much they took over from Settlers :yum: