Are Scouts acting weird sometimes? (focusing other vills)

I am really wondering, if I am the only one experiencing/noticing this (or maybe it is really just me?) and I wanted to start a topic here in “Discussion” first, before posting it to the report-section with a gameplay.

I am doing scout-rushs quite frequently, even if its maybe not the META anymore and saw now many times, that my scouts often don’t attack the villager I am right-clicking but any other villager nearby. First I thought, that I maybe just missclicked or something, but this happened now so many times, that I am sure, that this is some kind of bugg or weird behavior?

Anyone else has experienced that? I have a ton of replays, but sadly you don’t see the clicks there - maybe I have to stream again, so I can deliver an PoV-proof.



1, that’s a problem with militia/m@a too.


It happens sometimes, I recommend you to temporarily switch your militias/maa/scouts to stand ground til you killed the target, then switch back to aggressive or defensive and go away. You should obviously get used to those hotkeys though, since switching them with the mouse is slow and annoying.


It happens with almost every unit given a command. It’s something to do with the targeting algos. Targeting the closest item if for some weird reason they think they can’t reach the actual target. It even affects vils tasked to cut wood.

If you tell vils on one side of the base to cut wood on the other side of the base, there are cases where they will cut something like the first trees they reach instead of the trees you targeted

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I have the same problem, and it can lead to seemingly spontaneous suicidal charges if I don’t babysit the problem units in the middle of a fight. It’s like those units are programmed to always first attack targets in the unit’s individual LOS, regardless of the current move or attack order.

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Wow, you are so right! I have also noticed the issue with the wood - villagers, but never thought about a bugg, but thought I am just missclicking😅

Was this already reported?

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This is one of those infamous bugs: Units attack closest Target over commanded target

I have the impression that they claimed this to be fixed in one patch. Bug sadly that’s not the reality.

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i thought you can use alt click to force a specific target and normal right clock the unit will stat attacking other things if there ways is getting blocked much.

I don’t understand what they meant in the patch notes, is it for attacking units behind buildings or does it target the specific unit like with stand ground? I didn’t notice any difference in targeting behaviour when testing alt-right click.

I’ve also noticed since the pathfinding update my cavalry units are sometimes ignoring Villagers when using Attack Move into woodlines of Villagers. They seem to just ignore them or take a while to notice and start attacking, they seem less efficient at killing Villagers than before, at least from what I can remember, but it’s far better than not being able to kill Archers.

The pathfinding and AI of units in DE is incredibly stupid, units still can’t figure out how to walk through gaps between buildings, and melee units still get stuck occasionally, just as much as before when clumping them with stand ground Attack Move/Patrol. Does anyone know exactly what they changed to improve pathfinding? Most of the old behaviour is still there but it’s somehow better vs Archers.

@Alk0h0lix3460 this is a legacy issue. Use stand ground to snipe specific units. It might have gotten worse with DE, it definitely was very bad at some point. But atm it just feels like on voobly, where you also had to use stand ground formation to snipe vills with e.g. scouts.

I think this is done to let units engage better in larger groups if you do not use patrol/attack move. Newer players often just right click a unit, and like this ur army will engage way better, than if lets say 40 paladins would try to attack a single arbalest at all cost.
Its annoying for competitive play, since u only use right click, if you want to RIGHT CLICK THAT UNIT, but feels like a compromise. I remember there being thread(s) where people complained that at the start of DE, right click was resulting in the units trying hard to actually do their job compared to voobly/HD. Sadly they didnt stick to that behaviour appearently.