Are the campaigns harder now due to all the balance changes?

I decided to replay all campaigns on standard difficulty again. It seems like its harder than last time I played some years ago. Is it just me or something changed? Don’t remember the enemy having all upgrades on the second Joan level. What it always like that?


Joan campaign is hard for some reason. The enemy micro a lot.


it’s still the same for me. I always play on Hard difficulty and it’s…kinda easy tbh. The difficulty is capped at Hard AI which is no where near very hard / extreme AI in skirmish mode. I do hope they add very hard and extreme difficulty for campaign one day

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I must be rusty then. There were some balance changes through the years and I know it applies to campaign also for example the burgundians in Joan campaign. So in mission 2 in the beginning there is the “patrol” that would previously consist of knights. Now there are 2 Coustilliers with charged attack so it dealt more damage than anticipated. Just wondering what more surprises awaites me down the line.

I feel like it’s probably subjective. I also found one of the Jeanne of arc campaigns extremely difficult/ tedious ( I think siege of Paris?) And saved every 10 minutes because I wanted to finish it and was afraid of losing my army. Other campaigns that were considered difficult before were probably nerved, it was relatively easy to win the “hardest” Bari campaign on highest difficulty without doing anything fishy like putting petards into the opponents castle before their betrail
I find some campaigns to be way more difficult than the extreme AI, but I feel my micro is bad and I struggle in campaigns in which I don’t get an eco

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Balance changes are nerfs and buffs. Depending on the scenario it makes it harder or easier.

More impactful are probably AI improvements.

I agree the campaigns are now impossible. Playing “The Seige of Paris” from Joan of Ark and the changes to archer micro (and apparently ships), means that you have to chase down individual longbowmen, cannon galleons and galleons with your 5 bombard cannons and crossbows without ballistics. They dodge attack grounds, they dodge direct fire. They dodge you attack grounding individually with each of the 5 bombards, instantly, no delay. It’s insanity to play. Then the end of the mission if you make it out of Paris there’s an ambush of Coustillier waiting to kill your tiny force of castle age units and villagers.

Unplayable now.

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I don’t know why they put an insane micro into Campaign AI, specially in the Joan campaign that’s supposed to be a 1 sword introductory campaign.

I swear Joan campaign is harder than some 3 sword campaigns and Siege of Paris is the most infuriating scenario in the game right now.

Just disabling AI micro would instantly crash down the campaign difficulty.

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So after thirty years and who knows how many different versions of this game… they’ve ruined it.


Recentemente joguei algumas campanhas no modo difícil. Em especial a de Joana me pareceu mais fácil do que no lançamento do jogo, no lançamento eu joguei a de Joana no médio.

Ya I guess the buff to archer micro was good for games where you actually have a base, and so the AI will micro groups of archers against your mangonels. But the campaigns are different. No base, select few units, missing upgrades, then it micros monks and individual longbowmen against every bombard. They’ve got to revamp that campaign or have a micro option or something.

I always found the Joan of Arc campaign to be difficult. I played it on HD and never finished it because of how hard it was.


Well 7 save games mid mission later and the seige is finally over. WOW!

All they have to do to nerf the difficulty on Joan campaign is disable AI micro. That’s it.

Then you can finally use your Bombards to kill Longbowman like a quote of the campaign pretend you can do.

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