Are The Indians A Garbage Civ Now?

Are the Indians a garbage civ now with the anniversary nerf? Are they bad in pro 1v1 arabia, 4v4 deathmatch/michi, or lazy booming games of black forest? If they are bad in all of these, then that means the Indians are bad even in noob games where everyone booms for an hour and does not attack until very late Imperial Age.

If that be the case. Do you think they need a buff to off set the nerf?


in team games i think they are fine. in 1v1 i think they need something in castle age.

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Hera thinks they are indeed too weak now.
This is why you should always balance for 1v1, first and foremost.


Well actually from castle age to the point you would usually get plate barding armour they are better, so I wouldn’t be too worried for them in 1v1

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Yes man indians so bad, they need imperial paladin in castle age.

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I thought they need something in imp to compensate their last nerf. You actually got a buff of +1 PA for your LC in castle age which I don’t like and obviously not the biggest compensate for missing the whole Knight line.

I do agree that they need something to counter monk+siege+pike push in castle age though. LC can snipe monks and siege but they are pretty generic in this case as there is no ranged unit in this army combo. And then knight+xbow is better than Camel+xbow to cleanup the rest of the pike+siege despite knight being a little more expensive.

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Thats not what he said. He said he understands the nerf to their TG, but finds it too much of a hit to their 1v1.
There is no logic behind balancing exclusivly for 1v1. After all, an unplayed 1v1 civ wont destroy games. An overpowered TG civ will do.

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The thing is - they lack some way to effectively fight infantry (read eagles and huskarls) in the castle age.

True that. Those are only 4 matchups though and pike+siege+monk is a common situation.

4 civs that are played 16% of the time…

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They indeed had quite a history of decline the past years (from the best to one of the weaker 1v1 civs) but tbh I don’t really see what makes them worse for 1v1 compared to the previous patch. I mean camels are an anti cav unit and since you won’t face arbs and heavy cav at the same time they still remain great, here. -1 melee armor isn’t that much when you still have the imp camel upgrade. And their scout line also isn’t that much affected. A bit worse in imp vs other hussars and a bit better in castle age vs archers. Their light cav perform as good vs archers as the new Turk ones and backed by their eco this might impact the game more than the slight nerf in imp. This doesn’t mean they are a good 1v1 civ but imo people are heavily overreacting to their nerf.


they need to be un-nerfed or given another bonus in the late game. They were not an op imperial age civ so it was odd that their late game was nerfed.

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that’s a great point

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Care to explain how they weren’t OP, a year ago while steppe lancer, kipchak were Super OP, BE was dominating all team games, did you know the only unit capable of countering those broken things was the also broken imperial camel that has remained the same until the latest change?

@Davyman3583 This is the only guy that makes sense on this thread, there is an overreaction with minimal to zero justification of why the nerf affected them for 1x1, while in fact they got buffed.


That’s a discussion and a half. I don’t think that’s a wise idea. There’s a lot of players that love playing team games, we have team game tournaments, I play very very few 1v1’s myself. If you balanced for 1v1’s you’d bust the Saracens team bonus in team games as one very simple example.

I might want to balance focus for team games instead of 1v1’s, if I’m being entirely honest. Not because I think it’d produce more viable civs, but that it’d flesh out and define more possible strategies and the more expensive units. It’s really hard to balance expensive units like Elephants anywhere else but team games. If you tried balancing elephants with 1v1 in mind you’d absolutely obliterate TG’s.

This is just another layer to the “we balance for arabia” argument and that argument is not only false, it’s a horrible idea. The game is too complicated to ruin it by doing something like that.

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