Are the people in the cover real people?

I became curious about if the gentlemen and lady featured in the cover were actual historical people or concepts inspired by actual historical people.

I like reading the histories of such figures so I would appreciate if someone could name them for me.

Personally if I could make a wild guess the lady might be a depiction of Joan of Arc and the person in with the furry helmet one of the khans. But I am not sure about the other ones.


I think the lady is Joan of Arc
Mongol is most probably Genghis Khan or just Khan
English guy is William the duke of Normandy

but I think they are just more of representation than literally representing the people.

he did the art

Craig Mullins is the king of digital art


Yes, it is beautiful and the three people you mentioned have more than earned their right to fame.
One appeared out of nowhere turned around a losing war, one can see why one would attribute such intervention to something above human means.
One claimed all that had been promished to him by force
One took over almost all of Asia


A bearded man behind Genghis Khan, most likely Ivan the Terrible. The sovereign, the Grand Duke of Moscow and all Rus since 1533, the first crowned tsar of all Rus. Not as terrible as his European colleagues, but the discrediting of the rulers of Rus and Russia, a “good” European tradition that has survived to this day :grin: