Are the servers down?

Launched the game. My account in-game is logged out and it says cannot connect.

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me too, can’t connect to the servers. Windows Store showed game need update, took 2 sec, so wasn’t big and I still can’t connect to the server.

I was also disconnected from servers 10 minutes ago :upside_down_face:

AOE2 DE Server seems also down.
No Multiplayer Match possible.

They do not need to not bring servers down and bring them back not I was in a game this is crazy

I cannot connect either :frowning:

Age Servers Currently Experiencing Server Outage this is why

Servers down at the moment, just reporting.

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Just downloaded the game and tried to play, thought it was something on my end. Thanks!

any feedback or communication ?

I checked every AoE DE games, everyone has multiplayer off…


We must have faith and be strong 11

The game is good but the management is a disaster. No communication on whats being planned, whats going on, what will be coming. Hundreds of bugs in game. Hundreds of QoL changes that can be added. And it takes them months to fix a single thing. It feels like it will take years to polish this game.

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Yeah down for me too.

wont let me connect to server was playing like 10mins ago what’s going on didn’t think server maintenance was today ???


seems like it … 20 chars

it does not work for me too :frowning:

same here… Feedback please ?!

Seems to be down. The dreaded c00t01r-1x-16 52656c690103 error, which just rolls off the tongue.