Are there content creators out there to teach the community?

I’m making this topic because, for reference, I’m just observing a random game between the English and Chinese in-game before bed on French Pass and lord, this is some memery if I’ve ever seen it. English and Chinese mining stone from the start of the game, english moving up to forward wall the chinese side of the pass with palisades, then building towers around it, then dropping a stone wall on his side of the pass, then making a stone wall behind the original palisade wall up top. This all with 1 villager on each side. Chinese player walling a small forest gap then slapping several stone towers on it. 18 minutes and they both have a mass of traders out and there’s a total of 4 military buildings on the map with only 6 units between them. My boys are at 58 villagers pop but they made enough houses to have a max pop of 140.

I don’t intend it to come off as mean, more just poking fun at something like this that’s leaving me watching in amazement. I know Spirit of the Law has gone back to make AoE2 content for the time being but is there any other content creator that tries to make tutorial-esque video for peoples the way Spirit did for AoE2 to help players understand the tempo of the game and its intricacies? Because even I’d need the help myself, but watching this? I can understand why people were complaining on the forums about siege being un-fun and overpowered and about “cheese”.