Are there no July updates and events?

It’s halfway through July, and I haven’t seen any traces of pup yet. Could it be that the monthly update has been suspended because of the King of the Old World competition?


I think maybe a small update or fix. But haven’t seen the pup since now.

I wonder if developers may soon have new campaign and more new revolutionary countries and new units

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Latest pup was released 31 days ago. So we are exactly about the time to have a new pup. So we are not “late” considering the business days margin. It should be out by next Tuesday at max.


The longest between updates is 50 days, we are currently 20 days in, so another 30 days would still be within reason. Not every update had a pup, but most did.

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They hadn’t added campaigns and new revolutionaries countries for the last DLCs, so probably no.

Anyway, they are still working on the game

Ever since the steam summer sale steamDB has received infrequent updates and just yesterday for the first time didn’t get entry at all. I don’t know what is going on. I don’t think work is slowing down, at least I hope not given the increase in active players but it is weird.

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I think you may be getting a bit spoiled. The pace of new civs and updates has been very fast. It will slow down at some point


They will probably surprise us at some point like they always do.

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I don’t think it comes from a place of being spoiled but rather an enthusiastic fanbase- something that I love about this community is how supportive we are and grateful for all the work that has gone into the game thus far. Never would I have imagined it.

Sure, support will end at some point but let’s give them a reason to continue for as long as possible. I truly believe AoE3DE fans are among the best out there.


What makes us the best?

I am satisfied that they are constant with the long-awaited reworks / new shipments for the old civs and a continuous balance


I just want to remind you that Keywords Studios recently bought Forgotten Empires, it would not be strange if the policies have changed.