No July PUP this month?

there is a also a tourney that has microsoft money in it right now, best to maybe just watch how it plays out and patch then instead of editing the game.

There were problems with patches happening mid events last time, I think its a good thing that they are sort of syncing it with the community more


No nerf to Lakota FI still uh?
Come on devs…it’s annoying having a OP civ per month that dominates the ladder and inflates ELO when the players just copy a build from an ESOC’s madman and get wins with barely an effort.


A mi me sorprende que con caballería de cuarta edad pueda vencer a caballería de quinta edad, están rotísimos sus jinetes con rifle y eso que use dragones contra ellos

Probably they will go straight to a August PUP

Final build was finished 1h ago. Patch must be out by tomorrow


The “Final branch” gets updates regularly. I won’t take it as 100% confirmation.

Yep, but since July 7th the files have been updated:

Considering they’ve been working on it back and forth for the past 18 days (for Steam) I’m hopeful this will be the final update, since it’s the last week of July.


Aoe4 just updated a small hot repair patch, which proves that aoe3de will be updated soon, because every time age4 updates age3de, he must be updated first. Even the update patch has long been done.

Hotfix 19801

Today’s hotfix resolves an important issue causing crashes or problems loading when launching Age of Empires IV from either the Microsoft Store or the Xbox app. Should you continue to experience this, other issues, or simply wish to share feedback with our team: please check out our Support Articles or Send us a Ticket!

In early August, we’ll be releasing a patch which is set to include some of the hotkey fixes and balance changes you’ve been asking for. The focus of this patch will be to resolve important issues such as a Prelate Attack move bug, as well as issues found in the Remappable Hotkey Layout. You’ll be able to remap your hotkeys to cancel construction as well as map hotkeys for many more civ-specific commands. We’ll also be addressing issues on queuing production units by holding down hotkeys or Shift to batch produce, and we’re also tracking down other issues like Shift interfering with Grid Keys under the Grid Key Layout to be resolved in future patches.

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Maybe it’s patch,more summer event, talking about summer event the day after tomorrow starts the summer event of AoE Online…

Sorry, there will be no update today

17 or 18 UTC the update normally is out.

If it doesn’t come out today, it will come out Thursday.

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Yep. Game studios always release their update on Thursday and Tuesday for some reason.

if i had to guess why, people just started working on the monday so any last checks is done then before releasing on a tuesday while thursday release allows for any immediate fixing on the friday before the weekends

What do people say today there is pup?

  • yes
  • no

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and meanwhile the developers


I say F…for the hope


Its better be Portugal or else…


Espero que antes de mexerem em Portugal eles deêm uma lida primeiro na historia portuguesa para evitar que continue a ser a “Britânia do Mediterrâneo”.

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Concordo plenamente.

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Calm down folks, let the devs enjoy their break…

I assume that next Legacy civ to get a overhaul will the Haudenosaunee, since they are the only civ to still not get any customization. Then I’ll bet that the next one will be either France or Portugal.


Yeah it’s almost certainly haud, likely customization plus a small rework as we’ve seen before. After that though it should be port and then ottoman in my opinion.