Are there plans to optimize GPU usage?

I see that they are saying a lot in terms of performance improvements in terms of fps drops, but at no time are they saying that GPU consumption will be optimized, will it be done in future updates or not? Joss Ellis said that this game was going to be optimized for pretty low systems and it seems that this is not the case today, I have a GTX 1060 and to run this game at 60 fps on high my GPU is fully stressed with 99% usage, I know more demanding games and I can even reach almost 80-100 fps, while this one is only between 55-60 and lowering graphic settings would not be the case. So what awaits AOE IV?

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AOE IV is a modern game, not a remaster so you shouldn’t expect it to be playable on too old graphic cards, at least not on high/medium graphcis. It is is also made by an entire different company and has probably a bigger budget and more people working on it.

AOE IV? He is speaking about AOE3 DE

I just answered his last question.

AOE IV at 1080p 60fps in High most likely requires an RTX 2070