Are they on the same server?

Is AOEII on Microsoft on the same online server as the Steam server like AOE Definitive Edition? Was wonder before I buy the game on the Microsoft Store since it’s on sale for $15 right now.

Crossplay is possible between MS store and steam versions of the game.

(I would buy from steam though)

TOO LATE. i got it on microsoft because it was 15 bucks. whats the difference anyway?

Well I don’t know if things changed, but if the chat censor filter is a problem to you, in steam version if you had already signed in to xbox live account too, you could just sign out to make the filter be less aggressive. Which is obviously not possible on the MS store version cause you’ll be using the xbox live account to play the game.

What do you use the chat filter for? And what chat are you talking about? Like while playing the game?

Multiplayer chat. It filters some random words even. Or did at least at one point, haven’t played the game for a month now so can’t say if it still works that badly though. You don’t use the filters, it gets forced on you so you can’t use offensive language against other people. However it kept filtering a whole sentence even if there was only 1 offensive word. A good fix for that was to sign out of xbox live as a steam player, cause the problem was actually xbox live censoring. Steam players also have censor but its not as bad. So the problem was the filter kept censoring words that were not offensive and you lost communication for nothing cause it filtered the whole sentence anyway. But if they got it fixed already, then you wont have to deal with that.

Oh okay. Yeah i noticed it censors whole phrases when i type it in. If i type a paragraph with one of those phrases for a sentence, it will probably censor the whole paragraph.