Are trebuchets still needed as Bohemians?

We already have Houfnice, so do you still need to train Trebs?

What kind of question is this? The comparison makes no sense!!


Turks losing trebs would make more sense since they can outrange enemy structures with cannons and they have free chemistry.

The problem with Houfnices is they aren’t precision weapons and the range is inferior. If I want to take buildings intact and they are near towers, they are gone before the towers.

You can’t remove trebs, they are a generic unit, every civ has them. Just because they have Houfnice doesn’t mean they have to use it, and there will be situations where they might not want to. This change is both bad, and pointless.


It will be free win for teutons 11


Considering knight was a generic unit in AOK

use attack ground at the corner…

Ironic, as a key feature of their campaign is Bohemia beating the HRE solidly.


yes Trebuchets are needed because even without going into niche cases like Crenellations Castles countering BBC, Trebs provide a better bang for the buck because they do more damage overall while being cheaper.

They also soak up arrow fire far better, for example Skirms can dive under a Castle and snipe a BBC but generally can’t snipe a Treb.


and possibly also for strong monk civs like aztecs. redemption + block printing monks are another decent counter to such an expensive unit. it doesn’t work on trebs since monks need to stand next to them

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Even turks or Italians often prefer BBC , trebuchet is still needed for them, which is safer to guard while they are better to push with BBC.

This idea is even more wild than the guy who wanted to get rid of crossbow for all knight civs. Just no.


Losing Trebuchet for a new civ could be an interesting thing. Or a Trebuchet unique unit!

But no, existing civs all need Trebuchets and makes no sense to remove them (unless you want to get into historical accuracy, but that’s a Pandora’s Box in of itself).

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Ok guys, sorry for the misunderstanding. I did not want the Bohemians to remove trebs from the tech tree. I meant to ask, would you train trebuchets as Bohemians, considering the face that there’s Houfnice?


Trebs are better taking down castles, Houfnices better vs units.


i think if i can afford houfnice I will make them instead, but trebs are available earlier

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Trebs have more range, do more damage, and do not require Chemistry. So they are much more viable in a lot of situations.

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You need to edit you original post, because if that’s what you mean, the wording is terrible for the first post.

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Using both Trebuchets and cannons for the same attack(s), or separately as production allows is normal for any civilization that has both. Production is part of building tempo, and Trebuchets are a Castle production unit. By that measure alone, they are a key component to Bohemian play. This is before we move into map control and building placement.

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I know it’s not what the OP meant, but a civ without trebs could be really interesting.