Are we ever gonna see a fix for the "Red Clock"?

Though I’m afraid I already know the answer, some technical insights from the devs would be nice on this topic. Because the red clock was actually something I really really really wished you’d have fixed with the DE. But the poor optimization of the DE is actually making the matter even worse and more frequent. There’s rarely a game without a player who is making the whole game a diashow for everyone else. And unfortunately it only takes one as in this example:

Modern games like SC2 don’t really care about the FPS of each player but apparently for AoE2 the lowest number of FPS seem dictate the game pace for everyone? And if the game wouldn’t artificially slow down the FPS for everyone else, it would go out of sync?

Maybe a dev could bring in some light into this topic. We all know the Genie Engine is old af, there is no shame in admitting you can’t fix this issue. But if you can, we’d also like to hear that.