Are we getting a new Maya civ? (Mexico spoilers)

For those who are not aware, the new Mexico has an option for an Imperial revolution: Maya.

That civ is a twist between a Native civ from the early 16th and a more modern approach to military units, closer to the Haude.
It has some major difference with normal revolutions:

  • Access to most Imperial upgrades for economy and units (some added via the new deck)
  • New look for many buildings
  • A totally new roster of units

Look at the new barrack:


The artillery is a perfect fit, including the Light canon and captured mortar

The architecture is also a mix of Mesoamerican and European one.

And look at that new fort!

A complete new deck that exclude old Federal State cards (other rev. let you keep them)

So what do you think?
Would it be awesome to get a new Native civ coming in?
Or is this revolution enough to conclude Mayan are now officially a playable civ in the game?


i think this is a clever way of introducing mayans into the game in a way that is fun and interesting, but i dont think well see them as the next faction.

but what do i know, i didnt think this DLC would have been mexico.


Not likely. Mayans as a full civ was not that influential in that time period. In fact the peak of Maya civilization was even before medieval. So it may not be on top of the list.

Aztec should have got sth like this :neutral_face:

BTW I’m a little confused. Does this revolt completely erase the regular Mexican unit roster?

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The Mayans actually revolted against Mexico.
I think they could actually war pretty well as a civilisation, even better than Aztecs actually.

Starting with no guns and no cavalry in the second Age but then getting more Western Equipment in Age 3 and 4.


The different buildings are Age 1 Aztec ones by the look of it.

This is very interesting though, not sure about using that temple as a fort though.

The revolution is based on the Mayan state of Chan Santa Cruz, an independent Maya state established in 1849.

Would be interesting as a more modern approach of a Maya civ, otherwise the Maya would be like Inca or Aztec 2.0 with only infantry and no gunpowder or artillery.


I thought timeline inconsistencies didn’t matter :upside_down_face:

They would actually be a much better civ that either Aztec or Mexico. Their golden age may have passed by then but they still put up a significant fight against the Spanish initially and then had many fairly successful revolts resulting in decades of independence lasting until 1901.

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“Didn’t matter” does not mean “not considered”.

And this is not all about consistency within the game. If you make a game with one historical setting you always start with those that are most “influential” and/or stereotypical for the time period. In short, what comes on top of your head.
Mayas did last longer than many native peoples, but their peak is even before medieval, which is inconsistent with the overall scope of the game. It’s the same reason why you would not start with a dedicated Mesopotamian civ in aoe2.
And I’m just speculating Maya is not on top of the civ list. I would not mind if it is.

Being more prominent in an earlier time period is a pretty bad reason not to add a civ. Safavid Persia isn’t a less valid civ option because Achaemenid Persia was so prominent. Qing China was also declining/stagnating through much of the period.

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Safavid Persia is one of the “gunpowder empires” on par with Ottomans and Mughals. Qing is still the most powerful and influential country in East Asia until mid-late 19th century. These are both still very influential in the same time period (not compared to their own history).
And there are civs like Aztecs and Lakota that may not be “so influential” compared to others, but are unique enough and meet with the stereotypical vibe about the period.
BTW I would welcome it if they design Maya or Mapuche as a mixture of native and semi-westernized guerrilla civs.


That would be ideal. Inca would probably be better implemented in that fashion too.


Could you please introduce us to all the revolutions the Mexican civ will have?

It would be great if you could represent those other revolutions in the same way as the Maya :wink:

I think this is both a controversial, weird, and in a way fun and interesting way to present the greatest indigenous civilizations as options for advanced revolutions for the postcolonial American civs.

If there was a DLC adding Brazilians and Gran Colombia + potentially Argentines; it is these civs that, like the Mexicans, could have one revolution which would pay tribute to the natives of South America. This could, in a way, reward the decisive advantage of North American civs over South America.

Examples of indigenous revolutions for South American postcolonial powers civs:

  • Brazilians - Tupi
  • Gran Colombia - Muisca
  • Argentines - Mapuche

In addition, I believe that the USA civ could also receive revolutions, just like the Mexicans. Revolution Proposals for the USA CIV:

  • Confederate States of America
  • California and Texas as joint revolution options for USA civ and Mexicans civ

I find a bit too confusing. It is a historical fact that the Maya won an independent state for some time. I think it is worth using similar cases from history (if any) for AoE 3 to make the entertainment more attractive.


Yeah this seems the best way to fit the maya in the game as a civ. I am happy that the dev did it this way:). The area (current mexico) would have to many civs and the maya is already in de campain like the maya forts. Adding brazil later would make sence now and be fun i think first lets play mexico!!!

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This is definitely not the best way. The best way would be to have Maya that revolts into Mexico, not the other way around.

I think what they are trying to rescue the Mayan civilization, since it would not make much sense as a complete faction.

Well thought!

No,they put the Mayan revolution for Mexico because the Maya Social War/Caste War of Yucatan (1847-1901/1915)…A Mayan civ is anachronistic for the AoE 3 timelapse because in these timelapse they were a shadow of themselves…


As someone who has only revolted a handful of times in all my years playing the game this Maya revolution looks really intriging and I can see myself playing it a lot. Maya seems more fleshed out than other revolutions.

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I wouldn’t mind getting a Maya civ. It would fit with aztecs and incas.