Are we kidding with this 1v1 RM map list?

Nu-Arabia, 2 closed maps, nomad, megarandom, four lakes, AND socotra?

This is genuinely unplayable guys, it’s all spice and no meat besides this whack ■■■ vegan substitute arabia.


What is unplayable for some players is preferable by others. And remember it{ts the pool we voted for. As a side note, for a skilled player any map is playable.


This is the best map pool.


I personnaly do not like any map of the map pool:
Arabia is too agressive and so repetive
Socotra is lame based
Cross is very repetitive with lakes too easy to defend and contains too many fishes which make the map extremely oriented toward this and civ win
Nomad and mr, even if they include more adaptation than a classic arabia ,they are too luck based and not suit really well the competives aspect of the games in my opinion (by someone which this main strenght is adapting to situation and game’s knowledge).
hideout and arena is boring.

The old map pool was way better in my eyes even if i think defaults maps are not that good especially, in terms of hybrid map, where only some is interesting like migration.

You mean the one where only a few vote and contains a predefined set of maps in a predefined map pool ? not to mention that we can only vote 3 maps?

Tournament’s map added recently are cool (land madness, wade, frigid lake… but there is two problem with these : First, we don’t see them that often in ranked and there a few in the game.

I like to play different playstyle based on the context not to repeat every time the same thing, and the only 2 maps in which that’s the case are nomad and mr based on too many luck especially for mr, yes on mr you need to adapt to the map but you also need to scout a very large portion of the map in a very short time (which is impossible in most cases ) to get your strategy how can you know if they are a large number of deep fishes in the central lakes which make the docking crucial or if they is no deep fishs at all in early dark age? How can you win if you get 3 villager completly spead out of the map in nomad and if you get not any gold adapting or not you’re in a huge disavantage at the very start?

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At this point I completely support the idea of having the mappool of whichever pro tourney is currently happening.

Hideout, Four Lakes (Cross) and African Clearing (Bedouins) are all previous tournament maps. The same can be said of more maps, but I don’t know them all.

See, if we had more bans and more maps this wouldn’t be a problem. Could even keep the same percentage of bans. So banning 3 out of 8 maps could = Banning 6 out of 16 maps for example. Or even better, we should be allowed to ban all the standard maps which never change, like Arena, Arabia etc. and save our actual bans for the maps which rotate.

Some people like it, some people don’t. Doesn’t mean it’s a bad map pool.

In my case, I find the lack of island map disturbing…

Arabia is pretty much unplayable anymore if you wish for a strategic game. So we’re left with all the niche maps, where you’re facing civ pickers and heavy lamers (Socorta).

Until they dont bring AOC Arabia to the table, this game is going to slowly lose it.

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The map pool voting only lasted 3 days and very few people voted, which is unacceptable. 8 days of voting would be much more preferable.

Maybe they should increase pool size to 9 and also increase voting period.

That said, Socotra is really fun if you can get into full laming, vill fighting and unstopped tower rushes. I personally don’t mind doing some full laming (not only your boar, but your berry, gold and stone are lamed as well 11) as I very rarely see them in any other map.


I dont think that will change anything. The number of players interested in making an account on this forum is just too low. 3 days is a fine period, but dont use this forum. It is much better to just put the voting ingame.


we were missing hundreds of votes that showed up on previous polls.
there were 623 in december, only 200ish for the 3 day poll this January.
in september there were more than 1k voters.
furthermore in july there were over 2k.

that’s just the 1 vs 1 polls

what map would you like to play? land madness, wade, frigid lake? any others?

yes this, 100% (20 characters)

I do prefer hybrid map especially and maps with complexity in general, all these maps you mentionned are not my favorites but i like them pretty well especially frigid lake which is very cool ! Are you the same guy which play DM ? :grin:

Yes I play Dm, though not much anymore since the ladder was removed. Did we play together?

We did but like 4-5 games maybe not so many with ogn

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Oh yeah the games with ogn were fun :slight_smile: been a while since timings have worked out and I’m not sure how much DM he’s playing.

ah he did play a dm tourney now in 2v2 so pretty sure he train for it quite a lot, i see him playing sometimes :slight_smile: yeah that was very fun :stuck_out_tongue: dm is a cool gamemode sometimes !

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