Are we theorists or are we players (an official forum tournament)

Hi Guys

We are constantly squabbling about the balance and historical authenticity of the game. However, most of us never met in a battlefield of AoE III.

I know that there are several top players that visit en passant the foruns, but most of the main contributors do not fit into that category. @AussieDrongoBBQ left a chalenge last week or so, and i think that it would be good for the community of this forum - even to deescalate some of the tension - to make a little tournament among ourselves.

Most of you will perhaps say that are not into competitive play, but in an eventual tournament we can make upper and lower brackets and even have some random “fun games” (random ressources or random civs etc. you name it).

My first intention with this post is to know if there is an interest to organize/create such an event. If so we’ll think of the format and rules

  • Yes i would be interested in participating in an official forum tournament
  • No i only play for fun, let me theorize a little bit more

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I’m not an amazing player but I like to play against other people. I’d be in.

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What tension? Dud i miss some good drama?


I don’t see any drama here.

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I am very interested in a event like this. I can’t promise that I would play because I’m not playing regularly, but I’m definitively would love to see this event.

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Aussie Drongo challenged a celebrated member of this forum to an AOE3 “best of 9” “showdown” to redress a perceived slight against him.

Since then, unfortunately, I’ve noticed a slight increase in negative generalizations being made against the official forums by the reddit and discord crowd and vice versa.


Hmm, who was this player? Very interesting but yeah I can kinda see why you didn’t accept, people would have just gotten more toxic, kinda sad that people can turn a lighthearted meme tourney into a reason to be toxic toward each other, I’m sure you and drongo has no intention of causing people to hate on this fourm

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This is a god idea tbh, but it would be very hard to set up, and with such a large number of people that can participate, it would have to be a best of 3 tourney, except for the finals, those can be best of 9, but realistically it would be incredibly hard to find times where the participants can play because time zones and schedules, plus organizing a tourney with so many people is a difficult job, if it could be done, however, it would be an amazing idea.

Ah Thx for explaining, I saw that video and found it pretty funny. Didn’t know there was a follow up development.

Crazy that reddit people started to antagonise the forum over that.


Creating a different account was not difficult…


I don’t want to get into semantics, as that’s something you’ll undoubtedly best me on, but when you’re making things up and using them to push your agenda, I wouldn’t call that slight against me ‘perceived’.

I would say that is an ‘objective’ slight.

Post in question


I’m fricking loving this.

C’mon @KingStarscream9, when it’s gonna be the showmatch? :smirk:


i dont even really know why this is still going on.

AFAIK this was a simple misunderstanding and for some reason it keeps going on in new forum threads, like what on earth?

In terms of rules for a tourney like this, I think there are 3 options most tournaments use in terms of civ picks, the first, and also the most common, is once a player WINS with a civ, they cannot pick it again. Another format that’s popular is once a player PLAYS a civ, they cannot pick it again. I personally like this for best of 3 tournaments, because it means players have to pick a different civ every game and promotes diverse civ picks. The last format we see frequently is once a player PLAYS a civ TWICE they cannot play it again, this is probably the best for best of nine tournaments because it is forgiving if a player loses with a civ they know very well because they happen to have gotten a bad matchup, but for shorter best of 3, it’s not that great because a player only has to play 2 civs the whole time. In terms of knowledge of your opponents civ, there are two common formats, the first is blind civ, no player knows what civ the opponent will play, only the map, the second is the forgiving one, the first game is blind civs, and then from there onward the player to lost the previous game gets a slight advantage because they get to know what the opponents civ will be before picking their own civ, typically this rule is combined with the rule of whoever lost the last game picks the next map. Also, I made this little poll, but I don’t really expect what comes out of my poll to be what the rules are in the tourney

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If it got enought tracktion i think it would be fairly easy to implement.

Before the game the teams settle on an hour and the date is set by the organizing commitee.

I really think this would be nice for the forum and to create a more cohesive community.

And i like your idea for the tourney rules


We can make a Round Robin also… which i think its more interesting than just power match

I like play the game (mp once or twice a week, medium player), I like theorize, I like that the game tries to be more historical accurate, and I love Aussie Drongo.

What it’s the problem?

I completely forgot about round robin, but that could definitely work well since there are a lot of players of different skill

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