Are you going to buy the Deluxe edition?

Deluxe Edition ofc. On the ratio “cost of the game/hours I plan to play” it’s cheap.


Sounds like the deluxe edition is micro transactions but moved to the steam store page instead of in-game, and if the case would be kind off shady.

just did. hope for a physical releease though.

sadly no DLC included

I had considered it before I saw the details but £20 for a coat of arms, a profile portrait, a monument, the digital soundtrack, a unit counters chart, and an art compilation seems a bit extreme. All of the items offered are rather petty and given that the game is £50 already, I don’t think I can justify the extra £20.


Retail Collector’s, not?

I want to support them on this game but I can’t just accept the cost for that bonus content, it’s meh at best.

Let’s see if there is a collector’s edition coming otherwise I’ll just pre-purchase the standard edition.

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The one reason I could see myself buying the Deluxe Edition is the free Dawn of the Dukes expansion which comes with it.

I anyway plan to buy Dawn of the Dukes, so getting it for “free” would be nice. Would still mean that I would pay 10 CHF extra for what is basically just cosmetics though.

Correction: I wouldn’t even need Deluxe Edition for that, so I’m really not sure.

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well dawn of the dukes would be 10, so I guess its ok

In Switzerland, Lords of the West was 15 CHF, kinda expensive for what it added.


which means there a 20 more for deluxe would be an even better deal xP

to be faiur though, you DO earn a lot more money in comparison to your neighbours (and of course also need to spend more on your everyday life)

You get DotD for pre-ordering the base game, so you wouldn’t save any money by getting the deluxe edition.

I know we Swiss people are famous for having a lot of cheese, chocolate and money, but that’s because we try to save money :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@JordD04 I know, that’s why I put the correction later on.


I’ve pre ordered the deluxe version. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :blush: :wink:

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I wanted to buy the game badly but after these price ı wont buy it. I dont understand why microsoft choosed these prices for the game.

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I feel like as long as it’s not pay to win, it’s fine, I probably won’t get it because it doesn’t seem to give anything super valuable, unless your the type of person that likes to buy profile icons and soundtracks, it’s probably not for you.

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The price difference between the Base version and the Deluxe Edition is the price of AoE1/2/3DE.

That tells us two things:

  1. AoE2/3DE are really cheap
  2. The Deluxe edition isn’t worth it

I might still buy it to support the developers but not sure. I have more than enough money but that doesn’t mean I need to waste it on 3 cosmetics.

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Already bought it to support my favourite game without hesitation. But I also agree it’s too expensive, though.

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because thats a NEW AAA GAme. Age 3 aat launch only cost 10€ less - and actually nowadays games are around 10€ more expensive than back then :wink:

sad they didnt already say Deluxe includes first DLC. Then it would be worth it. maybe they will later add it, but I baught it anyway, so maybe MS wont see the need to do so :smiley:

Yes I pre-order deluxe edition :slight_smile: