Aren't devs less visible in the forum lately?

I feel like Bug Reports are not responded as quickly as usual. There are some bugs reported by the community like 3 weeks ago with no answers.

Also March is already here and there is still no March PUP (usually PUP was accessible in the middle of preceding month and official patch in the first week of the month).

I’m not criticizing :slight_smile: I’m a huge fan of a game and really appreciate devs effort to improve it. Maybe 2 hotfixes in February caused some delay in original plan. I just feel like since New Year we are a liiiiittle bit less loved.


It’s the first day of March with the Chinese New Year event ending just a couple days ago. We’ll get the pup when it’s ready.


I feel like they are working hard on something. I hope that is indeed the case.

The devs went very quiet the month before African Royals came out.


New game mode this month, new DLC in April?

Yes please. :slight_smile:

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I hope for a heavy pack of balance changes, UI improvements and of course bug fixes🤞

Also in this PUP lakota and Hauds get customization and maybe a rework as aztecs got


Agree, specially the tp error! Uggh

Haud, Lakota and a European civ to give us hope plz

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Hello everyone! We appreciate the reports and that you kind folks share your thoughts with us!
Apologies for the delay in the replies. I can assure you all that we are working hard to keep track of new and old reports and bugs! Thank you all for your continued patience and and support. :+1: