Argentinian grenade cav

is it just me or are these dudes super lame.

1 pop, fast since mounted, and good siege damage.

just plazed a 3v3 and one enemez just constantlz had 2 stacks of 50 grenades dudes on 2 flanks, while his teammates pushed together on another side with infatry. we cant be at 3 points at the same time, and these units are fast, and good siege so in order to prevent a factorz loss i need to overreact kind.

which meant for our team, constant chasing of the grenade cav, or go to the side thez push with infatry and get hopelessly lamed bz factorz snipes.

we only survived for a verz long time because i walled constantlz and was plazing aytec and eagles are amazing, and thez didnt know hwat to target if there arent anz wonders or factories

the hole design of this unit is serously lame. even mor so than oppri, but atleast thez are 2 pop and reallz bad in fights.

these grenades dudes serouslz need to be 2 pop and reworked.

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They got changed in the patch pretty sure they get countered by almost everything now.


They now have the cav tag, so they get easily killed by musk and draggons.

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The entire unit is a shitshow.

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I agree, the design of the unit encourages unfun gameplay.

Fast+1 pop+good siege. Give me a break.

Making them 2 pop would be enough of a nerf. They already got the proper tags added so most anti-cav will properly counter them.

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