Armenian and Georgian Civ

Can we please get some Caucasus civs? Probably the most underrepresented region in the game. Armenians and Georgians had great and unique kingdoms at some periods in time, Armenians even had a short lived empire. They also have a very similar architecture, so its a no brainer to have a unique architecture set for both of them. I personally think they could both be defensive civs, with Armenia being more reliant on heavy cavalry, and Georgia being more reliant on heavy infantry. Some of the best cavalry in the world came from early Armenian periods, and even in the medieval periods, matched up against the Sassanid Aswaran and Byzantine Scholarii. Georgians on the other hand have had great infantry since antiquity, there axe men, were esteemed, being a Caucasian equivalent of the Varangian guard, having defended Georgians against coalitions of Seljuks and being vastly outnumbered. What do you guys think?


I wholeheartedly agree.


Yes, I have been asking for this for some time now. I completely agree. I do hope the devs are currently working on exactly this right now. I have posted many threads on this topic, they have to be added asap.


Awesome, I don’t want to get my hopes up. But I am still exited.


I would get my hopes up, 4 years ago when I visited Poland and learnt of their immense Medieval history I started advocationg for them being added to the game and eventhough I encountered A LOT of resistance from peasants, I continued asking for them to be added and today be have an excillent Polish civ. Now the same goes for the Caucasus, I conduct a lot of research on the Crusades, learning what is fact and what is propaganda and the more I studied the Crusades the more prevellent the Armenians and Georgians I found to be in history.

Their complex militaries, diplomatic/trade interactions with so many varied civs and then the immense battles they fought and won against and allied with numerous civs/kingdoms already in game. I am working on creating a 1st Crusade historical campaign as well as a Byzantine campaign against the invading zoroastrian Persians and I am unable to continue the creation thereof due to the lack of the Cacasus civs. The Cacasus is overflowing with history and culture, it’s impossible for them not to add it into DE2. We really need Armenia,Georgia,Khazars.


I would like to see a big DLC with Armenians, Georgians, Vlachs, Serbs & Croatians + 2 unique campaigns for Magyars & Rus’


Sounds great man. I’m glad we have educated voices in this community, that help the devs know what we want.

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“Peasants”, really?

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Sorry but do we really need that many more European civs? If we really only have 48 slots total I’m completely against 3 more being European


Wouldn’t Azerbaijanis make sense for Caucasia along with Georgians and Armenians? Don’t write there are Turks in game, they only represent Ottomans.

Azerbaijan can be very well represented in game since atabegs of Azerbaijan, Qara Qoyunlu, Aq Qoyunlu and Safavids. I would like to see a Qizilbash UU. You basically can’t represent this civilization with the Sassanids Persians as they are entirely different.

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Was there an Azerbaijan in the middle ages?

Imo Turks represent the Oghuz Turk branch in general, and Persians represent Safavids

But tbh they seem like an okay civ

They are a fairly late civ tho

Cant they be represented by turks or tatars then?

Eh, Turks can represent them more or less


You may watch this video for the Azerbaijan history: Azerbaycan Tarihi [1122-2021] Her Ay | History of Azerbaijan [1122-2021] Every Month - YouTube

We can consider that Oghuz Turks were separated after the dissolution of Great Seljuk Empire .

Especially if Winged Hussars exist, why not Qizilbashes? Safavids have been an arch-nemesis for The Ottomans

You cant really represent Ottomans and Safavids under one roof. They were arch-nemesis and Elephants from Sassanids era for Safavids? Thanks I wouldn’t take it.

Outside of elephants and better cavalry archers, dont Persians represent Safavids fairly well?

And I think including all the civs that come from the Oghuz branch makes more sense that putting two toghether and another separated, but Azeris arent a bad civ choice either so idk reslly

In game both seljuk and ottomans are turks so why cant they be Azerbaijan too?

Persians (Age of Empires II) | Age of Empires Series Wiki | Fandom Have a look to the official History section of AoE2 and you tell me.