Armenians are a joke in terms of historical accuracy

Historically, Armenia was very good at cavalry and siege. Both were top-tier, and both were employed by other armies. Thus, it is a total travesty that the official Armenians are good at neither of these things. Now, I get they’re already quite good at the things they specialize in, but I wish the devs had focused more on Bagratid Armenia than Cilician Armenia, as I feel that that is more interesting and a better representation of what Armenia is supposed to be about.


Oh great another rant.


No, just criticism of the Armenians’ strange design.


I really don’t get naval specialization, Armenia (including Middle Age one) should not have sea at all or limited access to it. Just pick a map devs


Well, Cilician Armenia is on a coast, but I agree it’s a strange choice. The devs seem to be pushing naval civilizations lately, even though no one plays water maps, and they’re doing this with the weirdest civs. I can’t for the life of me figure out why the Armenians have Dromons.


That’s why i said limited. Very strange choice. Maybe better to buff in some way siege as you said.


My guess is that the devs looked at both Georgia and Armenia and though about which one of those should be the cavalry civilisation.

It seems more like a gameplay decision then a historical one.
I wonder if the Warrior Priest unit used to belong to Georgians at some point.


Considering it wears the traditional garb of the Khevsur people of Georgia, probably.

The other reason could be that they decided on the campaign first and then based the civilisation around the campaign.


I mean, with a Dlc named mountain royals, i can expect Caucasian Armenians, not Cilician that was quite marginal in terms of naval power. On top of that they get probably the best galleon in the game, better than portuguese, spanish and probably also saracens and other naval civs


Regarding the naval specialization, I can not disagree unfortunately. I tried to find something that relates medieval Armenians to any kind of naval military development, but I failed (yes Cilician Armenia was coastal, but that didn’t make them naval power, of any note).

Devs pls undo the naval specialization and its related bonuses and replace them with something else.


I do happen to agree that Armenians should be a Cavalry civ because they historically utilized heavy cavalry and were into mounted archery (strange that they don’t have Heavy Cavalry Archers or the Parthian Tactics).


Honestly Im fine with them being an archer focused civ if they supposedly had some of the best archers in the middle ages but if they did so they should have at least commited to it and gave them at least decent siege and cav instead of adding yet another naval and infantry civ when we have so many of those. We dont have many archer+ siege civs and imo that would have been much better. Heck, we havent gotten an archer civ in general since Rise of the Rajas


I just think they’re based on Cilician Armenia rather than Armenia as a whole, so it fits really great for the Crusades era sort of thing, but it kinda fails to encompass whole Armenia’s history and geography. I agree that putting THAT much focus on Naval aspect is kinda weird and drops from nowhere. But still calling it a joke is a bit far fetched altogether. The civ sounds and looks interesting.

I mean I’m French, what would I have to say about the current Franks civilization? Of course it’s laughable at historical accuracy! Or they’d better explain me why I’m supposed to be so skilled at picking berries!

Jokes aside, let’s just give a chance.


The berries are mwant to be references to wine tho


Damn son, never thought about it this way… Well now I want special berries skin for the Franks with vines and grapes instead of the red berries (that always looked kind of suspiciously poisonous to me)!


We have those in the mediterranean building set mill.

They should add vine trellises/vineyards for harvestable food. A variant to the forage bush.

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I think the navy bonus and the UT may be based on the Cilician pirates, but that is back in BC. It is fine to focus on the Cilician Armenia as well, and their fleet did also be part of the support to the Crusaders, but they was still famous by the cavalry and especially the siege weapons rather than the navy. They can have an average navy in the game, but not the best navy.

I just roughly come up with the following:

  • Remove the additional projectile of the Galley-line, and give +1 attack to the Scorpion-line and the Galley-line (maybe since the Castle Age).
  • Remove the Chemistry (since they can only access the Bombard Towers which is not really matter to them), and give the Siege Engineers to them.
  • Elite UU gets +1 attack.
  • Change the Cilician Fleet to something like the Cilician Siege Engineers, providing regeneration to siege units.

I dont agree with this (nor buffing the UU) but the other changes are good. I would have liked tl replace the barracksbbonuses too honestly but thats prob too much