Armenians civ concept for AoE 2

This is my second topic on “race concept” (the first was about the Swedes). I consulted with ChatGPT and together we sketched out certain concept of what the Armenian race could be like. I understand that the game already has the Ottoman Empire, which occupied Armenians for a long time, so separating them into a divided game civilization might not be entirely justified. However, I just want to show off my ideas. No need to take all of it, just pick some.


  • More profitable trade in markets (due to Armenia’s location at the crossroads of trade routes, which allowed them to tax traders and enrich themselves)
  • “Defense of Faith” ability, which gives a bonus to attack and defense of units if they are near churches (defensive ability)
  • Excellent archers and spearmen.
  • Armenians were famous for their war machines, so their catapults could have a longer firing range and increased accuracy.


  • Limited possibilities for producing powerful cavalry due to weak horse breeding
  • Lack of special bonuses on the water due to the fact that the territory of Armenia lies far from the sea
  • Bad (or no) artillery, since Armenia did not do scientific research in this area in the Middle Ages

Unique units:

  • Armenian camel archers: Armenians used camels as vehicles and war animals. Camel archer units could have increased mobility and range, making them effective in long-range attacks.

  • Armenian Nomads: Given the historical migration of Armenians and their nomadic lifestyle, Armenian nomads could be a unique type of military. They could have high mobility and the ability to quickly create temporary camps that provide bonuses to Armenian units.

  • Armenian Avengers: In the history of Armenian people, there were cases when they organized vengeful expeditions against their enemies. Avengers could be units that deal extra damage to enemies, especially against certain races or unit types.

Unique buildings:

  • Caravanserais:
    Could serve as trading centers where players could send their merchants to obtain additional gold or other resources. Or could provide protection for traders, increasing their safety while moving around the map. Or could increase the rate of resource gathering or provide bonuses to trade, helping to develop the player’s economy.

  • Basilicas:
    Could replace simple churches. Gives faith bonuses: increasing the effectiveness of religious units or improving their abilities. Basilicas could serve as fortified structures, providing protection from enemies and improving the player’s defense.

  • Chambers:
    Gives culture Bonuses: Chambers could provide culture bonuses, increasing the speed and efficiency of cultural units or improving their abilities (what exactly this might mean in terms of game mechanics is left to your own speculation). Chambers could improve the morale of the people around them, improving productivity.

You should stick to creating civ concepts yourself and not using AI to do all the work, because there’s quite a lot wrong with this concept. It doesn’t make a lot of sense.

I came up with an Armenians concept years ago and posted a modified version recently. You might want to check it out. It’s quite polished and original, as well as fleshed out, which is what you get when you don’t use AI.


Your concept is very good. It has only one drawback - it was not fulfilled. Personally, I don’t believe in long detailed fan posts because they are never done in such detail anyway. My task was to quickly draw the attention of the authors. They still won’t make your version or mine, but if they do at least somehow, it will be our victory. I’m not claiming a grand prize for the best concept here. I vote for development.
Oh yes, AI for me in this case is a variant of Google. The text was written by me.

If your goal is to quickly draw the attention of the devs, posting a half-baked AI-generated concept is not the way to do it. You want recognition? Come up with a concept yourself. That’s hard work, but it’s much more satisfying than simply going through generation after generation of something an AI wrote.


AI generated concepts wont earn you any attention since they have a very weak sense of historicity, no thought out gameplan and they dont take into account how civs are designed nor any overlaps either. The bonuses are just bad.

And while I dont think Apocalypso’s civ will be whats used for Armenians you have no evidence of it not being used in the future. It has much better chances than one made by AI for sure


I don’t want to repeat this anymore, so this is the last time and only for those who can understand. All this was created by me. AI gave options, most of which I discarded. AI is a more accessible version of Google.

That’s even worse. None of the ideas make remotely any sense at all. I could excuse it if it was entirely an AI, but since you were curating the information, you were responsible for making a good concept that made sense and stood out. You failed to do that. Therefore, it will never be noticed by the devs at all.

I don’t want to pile on even more, so that’s all I’m saying about it.

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Both these are already ingame in different civilizations.

And neither of them thematically fit at all. Hence, why it’s a bad concept.

I never expect AI to produce anything better than what a human can make, even if a human is curating it, which is why I think it’s a travesty that creatives are being replaced with AI.

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Don’t use ChatGPT. It’s not good for this stuff, and as you can see, makes people actively dislike your ideas. I take particular issue with:

This isn’t at all true. Armenian cavalry was amazing, particularly considering the geographical region.

None of these are proper UUs.


Well this isnt a very Armenian civ. Because weak cavalry doesnt go in the same sentence as Armenia.

Also maybe im just paranoid but it feels like theres morr people talking with AI around here and its jarring


Not to mention, the Armenians weren’t nomadic at all, so ChatGPT just gets things straight-up wrong, as demonstrated with its “fact” about Armenian horse breeding.

Using ChatGPT to design a historically accurate civ is like trying to get the town drunk to give an accurate and reliable testimony at a trial.


While I get that you choosed the “best” to make your own version, the truth is that the AI doesnt unserstand what an Aoe2 civ needs. Many of the bonuses are already in the game, are dull, dont make sense or are contradicting history. Lets look at rhem

This is either a copy of the saracen or spanish bonuses, both of which arent that strong for eco to begin with. And bonuses cant just be copies of other bonuses

I dont like this one and I feel like its too much like the roman bonus but sure, this one could be aeded

This isnt a bonus

The only real historical bonus, but Koreans already have this

Completely untrue, Armenians had great horses and were skilled horswmen

Lack of bonuses on water isnt special, but Armenians actually did have a coast after establishing the kingdom of Cicilia. They still shouldnt be an strong naval civ but the AI was wrong here

Not sure on this one, but Armenians may have used some very early cannons. Again the AI doesnt know its stuff

Camel Archers already exist, this is a nothing unit and doesnt fit armenians

Ah yes rhe Armenian Horde. Nonsense

This is a nothing desvription. The unit could be anything, and avenger coukd fit armenians but its very generic when armenians had plenty of famous soldier types

This building already is in the game lmao

Basilicas are a catholic institution. Armenians werent catholic lol

Beyond that its alright. Not great but okay

Ah other nothing description

The AI just doesnt understand the game or care to be historically accurate. Its not a good tool for this.

Just to be clear civ design is nor that complicated, you just have to use bonuses that arent in the game and represemt the civ’s history, and then build a gameplan around it. An AI could possibly be buikt that knows how the game works, uses historically based bonuaes and avoids overlaps. But ChatGTP cant do that. Its not built for that, its built to give you an answer based on a bunch of random data it assembled.


So. It’s been five months since I created this topic. It was one of my first topics on this forum. You hated me then. People wrote nasty things to me and insulted me for creating this in consultation with AI. Now that we actually have Armenians, I want to ask those who stood against me - what do you say NOW?

I suggested defense churches - they are literally in the game now.
I emphasized that the special unit of the Armenians should be archer - and so it is (although he is on foot and not on a camel)
Not very good cavalry and lack of artillery - that’s how it is.
I also suggested more efficient trading in the markets, but we were given more efficient collection points, I will give myself half a point.
I also suggested caravanserais and was ridiculed for repeating the thing. Caravanserais repetition happened, albeit in a different civ.

I deliberately did not write specific bonuses, because such things should be checked in test matches, they cannot simply be scrolled through in your head. Instead, I gave an artistic vision and placement of points. And a lot came true.
The only thing that didn’t match was the attitude towards water. I considered Armenia in other borders when it lost access to the sea, but the game shows Armenia with the sea.

What do you say now, haters? I think you should just say that me and AI were right and you were all wrong.

The problem isn’t that you didnt make this because and get this, You didn’t: ChatGPT did.

Nobody wouldve come down so hard if you did it yourself.


As I already said, my devoted hater, I did it WITH AI. Also, the reason for hatred magically changes depending on the situation. Previously, I was accused that the work of AI is bad. Now it turns out that the AI’s work was too good, and I didn’t deserve the reward. Such a change of shoes will not work. Personally, YOU hated me for such concepts. Now you just have to admit that I was right and you were wrong.

Well the current Armenian civ is historical nonsense so congratulations to you and chatgpt I guess lol. I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that Devs came up with it and the cover art using AI in one night.


AI is cheating. If you can’t do it without AI, you shouldn’t be doing it at all. Any work that is created using AI cannot be truly considered “art,” just a series of ones and zeros imitating art. There is no heart and soul put into it, so it cannot have the human touch that makes things art.

You are a curator of AI. You merely guide the AI and decide which concepts stay and which ones go. You didn’t put any real work into it; thus, you have nothing to be proud of and no reason to ask for credit. If the devs did take some of the ideas that “you” came up with, then they’re part of the problem.

AI is the biggest mistake in technological development since the insulin patent.


I remember it was shared in the forum long before you brought it up.

Oh yeah, I suggested that the Aztec UU should a melee cavalry, and so it is, although it is melee unit on foot and not on a horse.

You make it sound like you are 100% right on this when you are only up to 50% right just by accident. Anyone who is not a troll would not simply choose the camel archer as the UU of a new civ without emphasizing how it is different from the Berbers one.

You also suggested “Nomads” and “Avengers”, and neither of those happened. Don’t just pick and choose what’s good for you.

Yes, when their bad cavalry is considered by most to be not a good design, and when the Armenians feel that their history warrants decent cavalry for their in-game civilization. If it turns out that it’s your bad design misleading the devs, neither you nor the devs deserve praise.

You also suggested their lack of bonuses on the water, but now they get the most powerful ships. Again, don’t just pick and choose what’s good for you.

You have ordered vegetarian food, but receive a steak, and you convince yourself that it is half vegetarian because there is a piece of cauliflower on the plate with the steak. Lol.
One joke a day keeps the doctor away.

As early as the first day of DoI, someone proposed that the Persians should also have them, I rememeber.
You didn’t really want to repeat the Caravanserai, because your description didn’t sound like you explicitly know that this building is already in the game, but rather that you want a building that happens to be named Caravanserai too.

People did not ridicule for repeating it, but for trying to introducing a building that already in the game.

Say you are the most funny person I have ever seen on this forum.


bravo best reply period.