Armor/Attack Type Bug in Scenario Editor

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  • GAME BUILD #: 56005
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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The Armor/Attack Type does not seem to work anymore. I was testing it in the scenario editor on an archer unit with 0 melee and pierce armor. I added 10 melee armor (Armor Type = 4) and added 5 pierce armor (Armor Type = 3). Therefore, the armor should appear as 0+10/0+5 when selecting the archer, but I get 0+15/0+15. It seems that the Armor/Attack Type is no longer working properly and that the values for the melee and pierce armor are adding together.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:
Not sure what the steps would be, but I am assuming it is an easy fix.

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The armor for the archer should have been 0+10/0+5, not 0+15/0+15

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thanks for reporting this bug.
This bug is the worst case scenario for my campaigns. A LanParty is planned in 2 weeks with campaigns, all of which are unplayable due to this bug. Please bring out a quick bug fixing. Due to the bug, many other campaigns are also unplayable.

this is luckily already tracked issue, thanks for the report nonetheless.
Have a nice day.

Do you already know, when the next update will release?
And will this bug be fixed then?

I would like to know too. Pierce and melee armor plays an important role in the scenario I’m designing. I hope that this is patched in the next update (hopefully this month).

Hey, so I think I found a temporary solution to this problem (thanks to this YouTube video). Set Attack/Armor Type to 0 and try this formula for the Quantity box: Attack/Armor Type * 256 + Amount. So for my archer example, to get 10 melee armor, I did 4 * 256 + 10 = 1034, and to get 5 pierce armor, I did 3 * 256 + 5 = 773. I was able to get 0+10/0+5!

Source: How to Edit Attack and Armor Types in Age of Empires 2: DE [Temporary Fix] - YouTube

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