Armored/Siege Elephants for Burmese and Khmer?

Anyone fancy Armored Elephant line units for the Burmese and Khmer?

Apart from tearing down buildings as usual, think of the perks they may have fighting against common units: Khmer ones can fight better thanks to Tusk Swords and move faster, whilst Burmese ones have more armor because Howdah. They can also make quick work of archers as well.

Bonus: for Persians, the Sogdian Cataphract would be better suited, since War Elephants are situational to use (converted by monks too easily and worst of all: too expensive to mass). Maybe Sogdian Cataphracts train in Castle whereas War Elephants are trained in Stable in Imperial Age?


I would love to see elephants, Steppe Lancers etc be given more distribution. It doesn’t make sense that they’re given to only the civilizations introduced in their respective expansions (Mongols & Battle Elephants excluded) and I’ve been advocating for this for a while now.

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whats with other elephant civs like the Vietnamese and Malay? would be weird to give only 2 Rise of the Rajas civs armored elephants in my opinion :elephant:

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I would say no. Armoured/Seige Elephants are there because South Asia never invented Battering Rams.

I’m, not sure on the South-East Asia area, but I don’t recall seeing anti-armoured elephant defenses on gates (like you find in India).

Elephant Archers are in a similar boat. Most S.E. Asian nations used guys with halberds on the back rather than bows (or giant bolt-thrower in the case of Khmer). Except Burmese. Burmese should get Elephant Archers. Persians too.

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I think Burmese should get EA and the bonus armor too.

For Khmer, I won’t mind Armored elephant replacing ram to strengthen their “Elephant & Siege” civ identity. +10% speed will probably okay but +3 attack seems too much.

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Exactly this. If there are historical sourcers that could justify this change, then sure, let’s go for it. But so far this is not the case. The fact that SEA civs used elephants doesn’t mean everything they do should be on top of an elephant.