Armour repair after Obuch attack?

Let’s say you had a battle between a group of Teutonic Knights and Obuchs. The Teutonic Knights win, but their armour is badly damaged. However, do you think it would be a good idea if a monk heals up your units fully it also restores their armour?

Or perhaps, if you send your units to near the blacksmith, their armour will auto repair?


I think only thing which would make sense here is to garrison units for healing also fixes armor. I do not think a monk being able to heal armor is good, that does not make sense. Another option could be so that villagers can start repairing units to fix armor. It might be hard to task a vil to all units but maybe tasking to one can auto change to next one once the current finishes.


That’s exactly what happens. Fully healing a unit with a monk will restore its armour.


I didn’t know that. I heard it from nowhere.

Heal damaged unit inside building or with a monk/missionary. Siege can restore armour by repaired by villager.

I havn’t tried Obuch against ships or buildings, but I guess special ability doesn’t apply to buildings.

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No it does not tear armor from buildings.


That would be insane of it did! Haha. It has already +2 bonus dmg against buildings

that would make sense to me, great suggestion.

If healing units doesn’t already restore armor, I think that would be an excellent feature. I haven’t seen for myself whether or not it’s already a thing.

My big concern about Obuchs (Obuches?) is that it doesn’t seem to be obvious which units have had their armor debuffed. But allowing monks/garrisons to undo the debuff would ensure that fully healed units also have full armor and it would increase the strategic value of healing/garrisoning damaged units, which even top players never seem to bother with.

There is one more thing I’d like to see, though: a visual indication of the debuff on affected units’ health bars. An armor debuff + damage is obviously much worse than damage alone and checking each unit’s armor status is far too cumbersome to be practical.


Amen! +1 to this. A floating “damaged armor” indicator. Genious.


Healing the units to full hp via monk or garrisoning restores the armor thankfully


This already works lol
Healing a unit will restore it’s armor


I think armor should recover automatically by trickle, no matter if the unit are hurted of healed.
If the unit recives another hit, the trickle restart.
Of course should have a very low rate to give the polish player a window to make more damage

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That makes no sense and would make this ability too weak.

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On the contrary, no matter what, you will know that the units hitted by obuchs will be disarmoured for a while. The tricle should be really slow

Haven’t played too much with the poles. How does the Obuch exactly work?
Do they take off 1MA/1PA with every hit they do, or do they take off all armor with the first hit, or how does it work?

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They take off 1 melee armor and 1 pierce armor ( PA ) with every hit, until it reaches 0. It can not go below 0. If you have a unit like the Huskarl, that has no melee armor, but has 6 PA, it will reduce the PA without reducing the melee armor (since it’s already 0) until the PA also reaches 0.

The obuch can reduce armor from blacksmith upgrades, and also the armor that comes with the unit by default.