Army Control Bugs+ Crashing Bugs +Disconnection And Crashes

Following Bugs Are Faced By Me.
1.Game stuck first few sec then suddenly move in super speed
2.Game Crashed Twice Today
3.Army Control Problems (Army Doesn’t Hit Trebuchets/Rams/Siege Weapons On Patrol)
4.Whenever I try to Give my Military Unit a task to Hit a unit it ignores my Command And Hits the closest Unit to or next unit to itself
5.Military On Patrol Goes attacking the Military Buildings Rather than Attacking Army When buildings Are close
6.There is a function in the game where you can assign path to the Units to Move through or follow The Army Doesn’t Follow the path it ignores the Locations which have been provided itself to reach before reaching the last spot using Shift Key and Right click Passage or Waypoint
7.Arabia Map Have Cliffs on Center It should be Removed It just merely Block The Passage it is not Useful
8.The Game Gets laggy and don’t give very good pings to all servers
9.There is transfer Bug Out in The Game It Does Shows you need file Transfer for the game and there is no Transfer Till 3 to 5 times you rejoin Lobby
10.The Current Rating System and Matchmaking System is very slow working it gives you 7 minutes to 10 Minutes Wait Per Game The System Should Be Resolved in such a way that anyone would get a game Under 1 min and 30 sec
11.The patroling AND TAB patroling System is not Very good The Moving units prefer Hitting Buildings Than Army
12.Artificial Intelligence Of Barbarian is not working good on Extreme Difficulty I can Only Play Few cvs Like Franks Huns It Doesn’t know Proper Build of All Civilizations.
13.Artificial Intelligence Have Bad Army Control and No Raiding Commands

Crashes, recording cuts off prematurely on atleast 50 percent of games, i had 3 of 4 games crash the other day. maybe some issues with my military control, my friend always complains his paladins do not do what he tells them to do. MacE