Army trapped in mongol base

Hi, thanks for this game which I enjoy.

I’m sorry I don’t have all the required info. All I can report about this bug is I was playing mongols 4x4 and I had just moved my army to the enemies base but the player left. I let my army destroy the town hall anyway and focused on my economy then when I came back I found my units stuck in the (also mongol) deserted enemy towncenter. If really needed I might be pursueded to check out my recent matches and see if I can get more details.

Hey @coolaim6556! Was that TC packed or unpacked?

It was unpacked. I briefly looked at some past replays but haven’t found it. Also I ordered my army to commit suicide, but the scout refused even after several commands, I should mention he had one sheep tagging along.

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Thanks @coolaim6556. Appreciate the extra context. We’re on it!