Army units attacking excessively

Since the latest update, army units seem to go AWOL constantly, archers garrisoned on my walls will chase after the enemy instead of staying on the wall, when moving my army forward, knights will go chasing after enemy forces even after they’ve retreated, usually leading them to their deaths. This used to happen on a limited level, where knights would pursue the enemy for a short distance, but then return to their previous positions, now it seems there is no end to how far they will go. I am constantly having to redirect my troops, or use the stand ground feature just to keep them from acting like kamikazes. And as soon as I move my army the stand ground feature is disabled, therefore making it practically useless.


I second this. This makes defending walls (or a defensive strategy, period) practically useless. Please fix.

Units in AoE4 will pursue and attack any enemy unit that is still within line-of-sight. Distance doesn’t matter, nor other dangers, so you can easily find yourself with your army under an enemy’s keep because they went chasing down a scout.

It’s a stupid implementation that was done way better in AoE 2 and 3. We’re walking backwards.


I noticed this too during my games. For the time being it really is about micro/macroing your defensive formations by M2’ing them to the position you want them, followed up by a shift+V.

I try to solve my discrepancies by just getting good at keyboard commands, trying to get the most out of the shortkey-system, but what the developers could do is add a toggle button either in options, interface, or ui for players to determine of they want to play defensively or offensively.

Good point overall. Thanks for sharing.

we really need stances ye, badly

If I’m not mistaken, some of this is new (or made worse) in the new patch. It’s really a problem for a civ like English with archers on top of a stone wall. Unless explicitly ordered to Stand Ground, they will leave the wall and fight hand-to-hand with any troops that approach, with predictable consequences. Given the distinct benefits to archers of being on a wall (extra range and less incoming damage), it makes no sense for them to leave. As other posters have mentioned, it adds significant micromanagement.

That is new, although I don’t see it mentioned in the patch notes.

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Hey, all. This has been seen…I’ll make sure there’s some discussion around expected behavior here. Thank you for the feedback!

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