Arquebusier nerf is weird

Nerfing base damage means they lose out even harder on skirmisher battles. They weren’t great at shooting other skirmishers from the very beginning even before the repelling volley 10% damage was removed. And batch training is still a very big hindering factor here. China is never going to have a very big skirmisher mass like dutch or french and steam roll other civ’s skirmishers. So what’s the point nerfing something not even that great from the very beginning. And considering the repelling volley change this unit’s damage has been nerfed like 17% over these patches.


they explicitly want them to lose in skirm battles. the problem was that all the shipments allows china to mass faster and snowball before other civs could mass in response and get very cost effective trade due to how cheap they were (banner armies aside)

the fact that they gave them a bigger bonus against light cav means they explicitly think its overperfoming in skrim fights.

they probably can revert the older repelling volley nerf with this but we will have to see.

Before all the nerf they are not winning the skirm wars so I don’t understand where this is coming from. This much stats nerf is just not reasonable.

They dont need to win they just need to trade well due to their lower cost especially in early age 3 or early FI where china has lots of skirm shipments

Lategame their performace drops so it wont win in a long-drawn out war but I do think this kinda stuns their lategame capabilities


I also think the arquebusier nerf is unreasonable. People said the cav is op then they nerfed meteor hammer many times. No one is saying arquebusier is op. They have been nerfed twice too. They now max out at 28 damage with imperial age upgrades and all cards. That’s pathetic. Their hp is also super bad. They also don’t have speed upgrade from arsenal. In late game it is super bad already but we nerfing the early mid game arquebusier too.

Also you talk about arquebusier being cheap. It is not that cheap. 85 coin compared to 50f 65c for european skirms. EU skirm is only 17-18% more expensive in villager seconds.

The changdao is comparable to halberdier only if you take villager seconds into consideration. 95 food vs 50f 70c halberdier make them comparable. But now the arquebusier is just bad compared to skirmishers. They are pretty exclusively used to counter dragoons now. And bad at everything else.


Arquebusier’s nerf is not acceptable in my idea
I hope they revert this nerf & buff it a bit


Tbh the meteor hammer has been 5 range and 2x vs artillery for 15 years. It is fine all the time…now a small group of streamers complain and they nerfed the cost, range and multiplier and double armour card. Arquebusier nerf and repelling volley nerf. All these add up. Transcendnce has been like that for 15vyears too. Now people start to use it and they are immediately nerfed . Basically anything China can use has to be nerfed immediately. Not surprised people start to use chu ko nu instead, and some streamer start crying chu ko nu op and get nerfed


it definitely hasnt, Transcendnce in its current form is a DE thing. It used to only heal 1000 HP in total for all units, which was absolutely useless

Repelling volley is not buffed it is to compensate the skirm multiplier change. Previously they have 3x0.75 vs dragoon. Now the 0.75 is reduced to 0.6, so the base multiplier has to increase to make up for that

Currently transcendence is also 1000 hp. Nothing has changed

For each individual units, which is a big difference

you can open up TAD and try it, it was absolutely horrible

I feel that the reason transcendence become popular isbthe summer palace nerf…so people start building this wonder instead of summer palace, and then this one also has to be nerfed…while look at european civs, every patch get buff

That is the reason but that is how new stuff gets discovered. Its not like it wasnt good before.

It has been already nerfed once since DE came out.

It used to heal to 100% HP which resulted in your high HP units out healing all damage during the duration of the power and resulted in invincible flying crows or the monk in cover mode never dying

people will discover new things to break shit

China is still one of the best civs in the game despite all the nerf efforts somehow


猛火油櫃 有火焰攻擊傷害

時代1 老和尚自帶 小和尚光環 10%血攻
新軍改革,演武堂解鎖防禦軍,頤和園解鎖防禦軍,長刀添加長矛兵標誌,攻擊距離隨時間代加強攻城攻數量增加0.25 攻擊騎兵和突擊騎兵的數量增加0.25

the nerf is ok, china already has 5-6 unit type compostions, of course you won’t win 1 to 1 fights since your goal isn’t to mass skirms only, that’s their flaw.