Arrow unit attack the Battering Ram

so suck bad arrow unit attack the Battering Ram. i think very idiot. unit must attack the unit. but unit attack the battering ram first. i dont understand. all unit die during attack the battering ram. must ignore the battering ram so hard conrtroll so hard… must be easy controll. all unit want attack the battering ram when fight war. thats very hard controll. unit must attack the unit not battering ram. oh jesus…

No. Units naturally attack the closest unit to them. It also gives rams a good use. If you see a player using rams to tank arrow fire, then they obviously have some level of skill. Just manually target the units behind, or throw in some melee units to kill the rams.


Rams area units too…


This is exactly why people say that rams is the counter to Britons lmao. it’s always been this way, rams are used to distract archers, and rams roll away when attacked, so it’s needs to be microed. It’s an art to micro rams in front while attacking with other units at the same time xD


Gotta agree with OP here. Many units in this game pick their targets intelligently (trebs target buildings and other trebs and ignore mobile units, villagers choose whether or not to fight scouts based on upgrades, rams don’t engage against units, most units engage enemy units before buildings). It would be nice if archers were added to this list. Priority should be: most units > rams/trebuchets > buildings. If you really wanted to fire at a ram it’s much easier to grab all your archers and focus fire it, where focus fire is largely wasted when you have 60 arbs and click on an enemy cav archer for example.


Yes, like all unit who focus building if only there no unit.
It should be:
Archer focus unit, then siege then building then low priority building like wall and gate

Then tell your archers to do it. The rams most of the time there to soak arrow fire, it’s their purpose along with destroying buidings

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The problem with saying “Just micro your archers” is that in large scale fights, microing reduces overall damage significantly. Archers are units that are meant to be massed.

And that’s exactly why the design of the rams is perfect, as otherwise britons archers and longbows would just be op.

And that’s also one of the reasons why i don’t think unit designs like chokonu, kiptchak or mangudai are a good idea.

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Just saying: mangonel lines are sieges as well and you absolutely dont want to ignore them in fights, so the issue is likely ram only

All three of those units are really hard to reach, and Kipchaks aren’t even that good. Mangudai literally require more upgrades then pretty much any other unit in the game, and Chu Ko Nu’s aren’t hugely easy to mass before the lategame either.

Stand ground or no atk stance and rams dont move, no?

Yes true, IMO only units with the ram armor class should be lower priority in the targeting list. Mangonels are a threat to archers, while rams are not. The unit should be smart enough to know this. I wouldn’t advocate for archers ignoring all siege, or even all units with high pierce armor. They should definitely still fire at the nearest Huskarl for example. Just rams are a nuisance, and personally I don’t like that abusing poor target choices of AI has become a strategic decision. Garrison in rams makes sense, and allows transport of weak units through archer fire, but zigzagging rams through the front line of a battle with no intent to use them as siege is just silly.


No this is just bs. Especially knowing that there are tons of units who take only damage from others. If archers should avoid rams, why shouldn’t they avoid skirms/huskarls/whatever? Should trash units avoid Teutonic knights?


Also really annoying to have to hold Alt to kill villagers building a castle. Should be obvious that you’re not trying to kill a castle foundation with crossbows.

And if archers shall not attack rams automatically, Shall knights run away from pikes automatically aswell?
All units have and need weaknesses. That’s how balance works.

I know that there are these briton longbow memes in the internet. And some people come to the game thinking “I learned the exploit, i dominate!”. But you must understand that these memes only work because people don’t play in a competitive mode. They are memes because they usually don’t work like they are portrayed. AOE2 is a well balanced game (for the most part). If you are looking for OP “unbeatable” strats or units you should look wherelse.


Nobody talk about avoid. But the fact of how they choose which object they want to focus on.
Unit already choose which object with a more complex logic than attack the closest object. Why not improve it to make it more logical.
Unit don’t have to be totally dump and are not.

I think we can’t consider the viper as a noob who don’t play competitive game… He use it all the time.

Why do you talk about another subject? No one talk about unit who/should run off a fight.

But we should talk about it. It has the same motivation behind it as this thread. Only because you try to rationalize that only archers should be benefitted by the change, the justification for the knights running a way is the same as yours for archers: Cause it’s dumb if knights run into their demise. It’s even dumber than shooding arrows at rams.

If Archers should be clever, knights and all other units need to be clever aswell.


Ie. They avoid targetting some objects

Which leads to exactly what I said. If archers shouldn’t shoot rams first because they would deal only one damage, why shouldn’t they avoid skirmishers too (max attack archers only deal 1 damage to max defense skirms in feudal and castle). Why not extend it to other units that deal only one damage to other targets?