Arrows being heat guided missiles

Please, change the system to that of AoE2 where you could dodge the arrows.


Would be a huge nerf to ranged units thought? The micro would be fun and more realistic but the balance implications are huge no?


Exactly, it would make dealing with ranged cav like manguday very painful as archers are the only unit that kinda counter them atm

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Ya, cuz it’s so realistic to ‘dodge’ an arrow haha


if u change “direction” and arrow misses. it’s realistic. arrow should not following unit from one corner to another corner.
Or hit target, if target jumped into tower or TC.


They will obviously not do this since they stated this was a design decision they made. Also I dont think its a bad thing. IF you want something to balance out ranged units more give them miss chances on moving units or something.


To be fair i think it wouldn’t hurt the game if arrows missed a target once that target moves out of the range of the archers/xbows.


Yeah, but if we go for a more realistic, then arrows also should have more distance.

And we should be able to move over the stone walls spingards and cannons (even if not gain extra shot range because balance)

And I admit that those changes would be cool


But, that is not how game is made to be play. xD

Rigth now, i see age of empire 4 has a board game, where every units is a pion, stuck in a animation cube.

When the animations cube of one unit mouve, the unit inside of it try to keep in the midle.

Also, when a unit fire, the arrow is already landed on enemy units, like in a board game.

the arrows are only a decoration ofthe event, just like the weather, that is decoration behind the board.


Yes, that is what I would want.

If you are moving, zigzag actually…you can. If you are on a horse even more so….i find my units getting hit while being way out of range. It was better in AoE2.

You can always tweek the sistem so that mandurais can be countered by other units. I mean, spears counter cav, not missile units like archers

I would make the system like this: I would give to the mongols and english the “heat guided missle” advantage on the Imperial Age given those civs affinity with the bow and arrow.

I totally agree with this

Tweek the game so that they can be countered by cavalry or spears. I really dont like this sistem where an arrow hits its mark a thousand miles away….

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The idea that a group of soldiers is going to see an arrow loosed, and then move in time to get out of the way is ridiculous. I can see an argument for an accuracy mechanic where sometimes arrows just miss, but you shouldn’t be able to manually dodge a volley of arrows.

Then also arrows landing on knights may kill the horses.
Or infantry getting tired on charges.
Or too much arrows falling over you may make you run in fear or make you walk slower since try defend with shield.
Fire arrows should burn fast all siege and maybe make canons blow.
Normal bow no, but long bow were useful vs the French Knights in reality, so they should be useful vs armor.

Soooo ask for real stuff be represented not always is the best in terms of balance

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If you want the arrows to be dodgeable, it would also make sense that I might want to manually direct where that arrow goes, but that would make the game more difficult.

To dodge projectiles we already have siege with area attack where they can direct the shots manually.

that would make 0 sence.
It’s possible to design with ur suggestion, but it make no sence to implement that.

Some mechanic can be “passive” miss or block. U need not to implement active ability.
Probably u dont want missing arrows, but it’s a lie that u have to implement active ability.

Is Charge active for horses? -no

PS im sure that 90% of people who ask for “dodhing” just dont want to see arrows turning in the sky.
It can be auto in 5 tiles, but in 15 tiles it’s ugly visually.

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I do not want there to be manual arrows of basic units or to be able to dodge arrows, it is a difficult micromanagement mechanic for a game that aims to reach more audiences, there are other forms of micromanagement.

The Mangonel and its variants can shoot where you say and you can also dodge it, it seems more coherent to me, I don’t expect you to agree either