Arrows from defensive structures

It looks like a guided missile, it doesn’t feel right, that the arrows are like that.
I’m not saying it should be the same as Age 2, but I get the impression when I see the arrows curving that this is very strange!!
It is very strange for me to see the arrows following the units until they turn!!!


Turning aside, seeing them arc like that just makes it feel more low powered and weak. I’d much rather have fast projectiles with a flatter arc, so it looks dangerous, like you’re shooting lethal projectiles.


I’m talking about the arrows changing direction!!
I’m talking more about the arrows that come out of the towers, city center, arrows from defensive structures !!!

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I’m thinking about both the flight arc, and the guided missile aspect. The guided missile thing is straight up stupid, the high flight arc just looks wrong. Especially with buildings, you wouldn’t shoot an arrow up that high.

Made already some in detail posts about this topic and agree totally with you guys.

Hopefully Relic finds a solution for that soon.

The game is getting better and better, and it’s already surpassing expectations, only in this relationship the arrows of defensive structures that bother!!

You don’t need to resurrect an old thread about this and also start a brand new one.

Just one is enough so discussion doesn’t get split.

I’d suggest this be merged with the other thread.