Arrows - my only massive complaint

no they did not fix it

is anyone gonna do about this arrows and its animation? It really drags the game down.


Same here, still waiting for an overhaul on this topic. For sure one of the most important ones in my opinion.

Recent add of shooting animation from keeps (for outposts and town centers) in the upcoming patch is already one step in the right direction for the feel of arrow shots. Now i hope they focus on the arrow physics and appearance itself.


im sure they will eventually do it, just hoping its sooner rather than later… along with better death animations/ cannon ##### ######## to targets etc


I think same goes for mangonel shots. There is a general physic absurdness in this game. I really like the game but those small details are really piss me off.

Another thing is, no easy drag military or villager option in the hotkeys.

And this one is more important, Unit clarity is still very bad especially for ships. It is very hard to distinguish villagers from archers, fishing boats from attack shipts, pikeman vs villagers etc. They are all looking very alike even though devs says unit clarity were their first priority, this is definitely not the case. Hope they can also do something about that.

if they make it smaller maybe it doesnt look like homing missile


Arrows still look, feel and sound pretty bad. I don’t know why it is programmed to be launched in the air like a mortar shot, it is clearly not programmed with finesse either seeing as most of the time, it bugs its way to the target and does weird arcs at differing distances.

This is the case for all forms of arrows too. Towncenters, Emplacements, Outposts, Castles. It looks weird coming out of these buildings in one batch shot from one window as well. The dainty sound effect doesn’t feel like it matches, and there isn’t much of an impact feel either. Like with Springald Emplacements, I don’t understand why the projectile “stops” midair before hitting targets too. In 2024, I would’ve thought that making the arrow land inside of an opponent would be possible? I don’t think it is too much to ask for some kind of hit effect on units too.

I do think it is worth allocating some resources to give this effect a second pass to make it feel more satisfying seeing as it is featured in a lot of buildings and units.


They are not going to make these kind of changes at this point… What you see is what you will keep seeing in 10 years.

I don’t know man, they changed water after all. Theres a handful of things that could dramatically change the feel of the game for the better that wouldn’t cost an absolute fortune, and one of those things is effects that we see on almost every unit like this.

We see a lot of updates to animations of buildings, like the recent Gers being animated, clothing on racks flowing with the wind, Janissary shooting effects and so on. I’m just bringing another one of those things to their attention.


This here is the god tier arrow mechanics at its finest!


Arrows still look like ballista missiles in AoE4? Sorry to hear this :frowning:
I really thought/hoped their huge size was going to be temporary and would get fixed once the dust from the launch settled


They toned it down but not much iirc.

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Oh yeah, I think you’re right. I vaguely remember that, pretty sure

got screenshot for some comparison?

Images and footage referenced in video:


Adam Isgreen, Apr 19, 2021:

“There are things that people see and they’re like, ‘ohh, but!!’, because they want age to be the thing in their head that’s perfect right and like the most amazing thing. (…) but that footage was taken months ago from where we are today (…) Things have improved so your arrows aren’t as big, the arc paths are much better. Are they ‘perfect’ perfect? I can’t say that, we’re gonna keep polishing and tweaking things.”

These concerns have been addressed over time and we’ve seen several changes to the game. Even when the concerns were relevant the issues were being taken out of context. This is kind of a necro isn’t it? The conversation really evolved past arrow size 2 years ago.

It’s kind of obnoxious to go out of my way to pull all of the changes made to the game over its lifetime, so I won’t, but to my immediate recollection they have made changes to projectiles, both arrow and siege, as well as animation adjustments since the release of the game.

If you would like to have a discussion over things you would like to have changed then you are touching on a very good way to talk about it, bring examples of what you would like to talk about! Having it go the other way around is kind of annoying and doesn’t really show what should be improved. Hope this helps!

Edit: I never read through the thread until now, (I didn’t bother reading through pre-release content, this discussion is from SIX MONTHS PRIOR TO RELEASE), but this concern was addressed the same way two years ago in this post: Arrows - my only massive complaint - #54 by DarthPyro4335

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Gentleman, your linked post is still from pre launch , the game launched on october 2021. The “addressed issue” was just they saying whatever to sell the game which worked. In my perspective “the arrows” are still disappointing, but since this topic isn’t about me, maybe the OP @IamDalv could give his opinion on the matter, if he is still around…

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This topic is about everyone, since all of us were affected. And I share the same opinion, the arrows are still disappointing and I have already lost hope they would ever be fixed. I think the damage was done from early production going forward with this lacklustre art and style direction, as well as other questionable decisions regarding gameplay, mechanics and UI. The faults are too deep inside the core of the game for them to ever be fixed. I think neither Relic and Essence Engine were the right choice for AoE4. With these in mind, AoE4 was never going to trully succeed at the level of AoE2.

I do return to play it whenever there is new singleplayer content released, I actually enjoyed the Sultans Ascend campaign for what it was, an effort to do something with a rather faulty RTS design. You can feel the touch of Forgotten Empires there.

My hope is that Forgotten Empires have grown enough to develop a future AoE5 or AoM2 on their own, and not Relic. Relic not only lost its touch completely, but they dont understand Age of Empires either.


The original issue was based off of an assumption that the arrows would remain the same size as they were in pre release content, when the game was in development and was still being tuned, information released in promotional videos. Not a representation of the final product.

I made my response because the same thing happened in the last week that happened with the original conversation 3 years ago; people were influenced by misinformation. People came in trying to understand if the claim of the arrows being oversized was still true. It never was. The game did not launch with the ballista sized arrows, and even then it had updates over 3~ years to address ballistic trajectory as well as tracers for mangonel projectiles. Trebuchet shots used to leave the camera frame, as if they were entering LEO, and that was addressed in a hotfix.

Please, if we are going to have discussions over what to improve can we at least keep it objective? No one can argue that you dislike the game, but at least we can talk about things as @TheAchronic put it: sound, impact, animation. Those are discussions with substance that provide an actual issue that can be addressed. The argument leaning into ‘it is bad and poorly implemented’ leads towards the natural conclusion that the game is a waste and should be scrapped.

There being nothing to discuss other than what we should see in a completely different game is pure destruction. It doesn’t aid a conversation of change and growth. You know, our goal as a community of fans should be constructive criticism, ideally we are here because we want to have a product worth enjoying.

Maybe I’m a hopeless romantic… but I don’t want to wait for a promised future of a better game that doesn’t exist when we have something now.

I think if your metric of success is to outdo AoE II, any future AoE game is going to suffer unless its release coincides with a new (popular) OS launch that completely breaks support for such old games. Which is unlikely to say the least.

In other words, any future AoE game is unlikely to surpass AoE II.

I still remember when folks told me AoE IV was going to die on launch. Then it was never going to surpass AoE III. And now, of course, the target is AoE II.

But AoE II is a much older, much more accessible game with tons of community content and more permissive mod tools (mainly due to the age of the game). It also has, as I understand it from many regulars here, a very dedicated playerbase that dislikes strong mechanical departures from it in terms of formula (see: AoE III).

As for arrows, I think they’re a lot less chunky than they were. I wouldn’t be opposed to further refinements, but they’re nowhere near the top of my list personally, either.

At that time, as a fan, I was pushing all I could for the game to be a phenomenon and trully revive RTS on its own. Which, yes, meant surpass AoE2.
It is possible, BG3 surpassed BG2, which on its own was also a phenomenal game. Same with SC2 and SC1 way prior. So why not dream big anymore? I certainly gave up, my last push was with AoE4, and I am now more neutral and uncarring. Time is not ones friends. But for the others I hope they continue to dream big.

In the future I will tune my input here to a more mild one in respect for the people that trully love it. Because AoE4 is not a bad game, it’s still a good and successful game.