Arrows - my only massive complaint

I have to say the way they made the arrows is just too much for me to ignore, and I’m not the kind that really cares about the graphics. But those fatty arrows look like they came out straight of a LEGO set. I get it they had visual clarity in mind, but there are many other ways to do it, like leaving trails behind for example. AoE2 had realistic looking arrows and they were so easily recognizable as well.

I really hope they retouch the arrows, they don’t fit at all into the game. We already don’t have blood and skeletons, at least the tip of the weapons should feel like they are sharp and made of metal.

For mostly everything else, I’m looking forward to!


Out of everything i saw arrows pissed me the most … lol


this… they just look awful. Bright, huge and terribly animated :confused:


and the swords look like calimacil foam swoards now calimacil swords are great. but they are also oversized in this game image


I like the graphics as a whole but the huge arrows really bother me.


I was going to create a topic about this!
Arrows are just too big and they also travel very weird. It seems like it’s only 4 frames made like a “go horse: here’s the arrow animation boss”
The travel pattern looks really bad. Starts at 25º goes to 80º drops to 45 and jump at 90 when hit. You can clearly see it on the scout killing a deer or cav archers firing on that ambush in the woods.
In addition, as someone mentioned already, some melee weapons are too big and without any detail. they’re whitish/washed out and doesnt even look like real weapons, but I guess that’s a thing for another topic


Totally agree arrows did not look good at all. Overall I think it looks great. Certain animations could be improved.


Once I saw the firsts arrows, I almost can’t se anything… so awful man… 11


I second that. It feels like they’re shooting javelins.


I know I will get used to graphics after I watched trailers many times over and over. But arrows looks really bad.


In the preview, arrows from defend towers will go upward a very short distance and then go straight forward, I think the moving is quite strange.
By the way, I think there’s no need to emphasize arrows by highlighting it, maybe there’s something related to game mechanisms?

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yes, the arrows look strange

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age of empires 4 looks perfect

First of all, as far as I understand in the game, when zooming out in the game, it becomes like a 4K version of aoe2. When zooming in the game, a difference and a beautiful visual emerges from the usual

Apart from that, the controls of the armies look very good.

Everyone talked about the elephants being the size of a castle, but we are not sure that the building destroyed by the elephants is a castle. We saw many different and great castles in the gameplay promotion

Besides, as in age of empires 3, there will be color settings in age of empires 4.

I think the only flaw in the game is that the arrows will arrange this in about six or seven months.

As an age of empires 4 that could be legendary is coming, now is the time to wait and see


Problems are not the colors or the arrows: the main problem Is the lack of details on units. Textures are really poor.


I agree the large arrows are kind of distracting, but I also like they are very visible and easy to read. perhaps a middle ground can be achieved.

as long as accuracy is removed I can make do. its not a game breaker and I’m sure it can be easily modded(i.e. small trees) or have a setting to make it more/less readable. rather than force players into one version im in favor of letting them choose whatever they feel is best for them through the options menu.

the same can be done for other visual settings such as saturation, detail levels and colors, which is already somewhat possible in aoe3.

what I’m very interested in though is whether there is high ground advantage/damage modifiers and how it is represented visually, and if we can have control over arrow/projectile trails, such as changing the size/duration and color of trails depending on the extent of height advantage or just in general. something like this would make the game much more approachable and satisfy the needs of most players.

This here is 15 year old game

This here is 19 years old game


looks like all the toilet paper rolls went here.

The speed with which the archers fire the arrows must be noted! edit: (actually more like the speed with which the arrows travel their distance to the targets)
That’s doesnt look normal or natural in any way. They should tone their speed down a bit, and fix the way the arrows stick on units or buildings.
I’m not so much concerned with their size but I agree that making them a bit smaller could be better.




English Cho ku nu castle upgrades confirmed.

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The arrows are also not synced to the animation like aoe2, to me this is a small detail that makes the game more realistic. In the gameplay trailer, mangudai were firing the arrow before even knocking the bow.