Arrows !!!!

Arrows vs buildings - I think it would be better that they would ONLY dmage garrisoned units ( and obvs a reduced damage amount)… not the building itself…

I kinda agree to this. Consider that english longbow can now snipe towers surprisingly OK when they reach their critical mass.
Their damage to garrisoned units could be about the same as units on walls.

But in return, once fire arrows are unlocked, they should do mediocre damage against buildings that cost wood.

Please no. It makes zero sense and would be terrible from a balance point of view. Why would arrows be able to magically pass through building walls. They’re not bullets. Doing 1 damage to buildings is fine.

What I would have liked to see is not the totally inaccurate, meme depiction of fire arrows we have now (just because it ‘looks cool’), but rather having Flaming Arrows unlocked as a triggerable ability, similar to the longbowman’s ‘arrow volley’ ability, with short range, long setup time, cooldown time (to make it susceptible to counter attack and avoidance) that does torch damage rather than pierce damage. This would be far more representative of how they were used in reality. Flaming arrows were weaker and they had short range because they could not be fired with a lot of force or the fire would extinguish.