Arrowslits buff(effects town centers and castles)

Allowing arrowslits to buff castles and town centers on top of towers will buff non archer civs(and archer civs to a degree) by increasing defensive structure damage without increasing range.


That would be interesting. I think for castles it shouldn’t increase the dmg too much because they are already pretty powerful, but i agree that it should affect town centers and castles. I am yet to see someone making towers in Imp age in a normal ranked game.

Lithuanians would have pretty cool TCs, and Malians too! unfortunately none of these civs have arrowslits, so it’s moot -_-’

Wait a sec, are you suggesting this just to make your teuton fortress even stronger?


I use the same basic principles for all civs(playstyle is the same) but yes, it would buff teutons considerably defensively. That being said, lithuanians have full attack/range upgrades, so they’re set even without arrowslits. Tho for malians I’d give them arrowslits - arguably all civs without the last arrow upgrade would do well to have it, and those with full upgrades may do well to lose it, except a few key civs depending on balance.

Oh i see! So you can plant your giant Teuton fortress in the middle of the map and have some ez wins! :joy:

I tell you what, i’m for it, but since Teutons already have castles with tons of range and buffed siege, they no longer have access to arrowslits :stuck_out_tongue: otherwise it would be crazy, and we don’t want that! :crazy_face: Tbh i don’t think i’ve ever researched arrowslits.

As long as they regain their extra range town centers sometime in castle age (transferred from Lithuanians) and buff the liths’ version - I’d be fine with that.