Arrowslits or springald?

If we make arrowslit upgrade to the keep, will it shoot arrow itself or we need to place archers in it?

What is the difference between arrowslit and springald?

Adding slits will allow it to fire on its own, but more archers will still fire more arrows.

Putting a spingald on it lets it fire on its own, but it fires a springald shot (I assume will the same range and cooldown as the unit) rather than an arrow.

Which one you want should depend on the kinds of units you’re defending from but I’m not sure that it makes a huge difference in practice.

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Arrowslits: 10 damage, 8 range, 25g 75s, 1atk/1sec available in feudal age
Springald: 60 damage, 9 range, 50g 125s, 1atk/6.25 sec available in castle age
Cannon: 85 damage, 10 range, 100g 300s, 1atk/7 sec available in imperial age (deals some splash)

All towers can garrison units to fire additional arrows which deal 5dmg/ unit
Infantry also fires arrows
Hand canonner which deals 50 dmg, deals only 5 while garissoned

I assume keeps work the same way, but can install every weapon.


Would still love to know why they removed the same upgrades from stone wall towers. I miss putting cannons in them :frowning:


Oh yes, I noticed that, so what is the use of stone wall towers now?

Decoration, like the road and art painthing, around buildings.


Haha, that cant be the case surely. A totally useless building?

They come with a springald automatically now.

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Yes they have the springald now but the cannon upgrade is gone. No explanation why, if it was OP I dont understand why they did not rebalance it, make it cost more or whatever but they just took it out.

Are we now complaining that we haven’t gotten explanations for balance changes made before the game even came out? That’s a new one I think.

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More just confusion rather than complaining. Seemed rather random.

I want garrisoned archer units to fire their weapon from towers, I want Crossbowmen towers. I also want Outposts to be able to attach themselves to walls like the Stone Towers and have Stone Towers be replaced with Stone Outposts that can attach themselves to Stone Walls. It would be better to choose what weapon you want in that tower first. Bonus vs Naval? Good vs Infantry? Long range cannon? It has always felt a bit weird how you need to build a wall before you have access to that tower.

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