Art of War: Advanced Combat Broken

The first wave of this challenge seems impossible while the other challenges are fairly easy to gold.

I saw a case relating to this in June which was closed saying it would be looked into. It is still very much an active issue.

This is what the they said, and it hasn’t been fixed:

After the season 5 update, the MAA in Art of War – Advanced Combat mission have been changed to Ghulams. The intention of the mission was to use crossbows to kite the MAAs, but Ghulams have way more health, movement speed and attack damage than a regular MAA when fighting crossbows.

So the mission now is very very hard to beat let alone getting gold medal if crossbows are picked to fight “MAAs”.

Could we please keep this open until it’s been fixed. TYSM :slight_smile:

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I was able to get gold for the Advanced Combat mission. The trick for the first wave of Ghulams is to use knights with their change attack and retreat into the hidden forest.

Having said that this bug should get fixed.