Art of War Challege: Booming doesn't work

Good day, everyone!

Game Version:

  • Build ((101.101.34793.0 4597979))


In the art of war training challenges, in the booming mission, the goal is to advance to the Imperial Age as fast as possible. As far as I’m aware, you should be able to advance when either 2 out of 3 castle age buildings are built, or a castle.
The bug is this: The button to advance only appears when both of these conditions are met (and only then):

  1. You have 100 Villagers
  2. You have built a Castle

Building Siege workshop, Monastery, and University doesn’t work!
In the picture I have a Monastery, a University, and a Siege Workshop built, but the button to advance doesn’t appear.

Reproduction Steps:

Go to the Art of War section of the campaign, select booming mission, build 100 villagers, build a Siege Workshop, a Monastery, and a University, select a Town Center.

In Skirmish mode everything works as normal, building a Monastery and a University works just fine.

On another note, having the button always visible during the mission will give new people like me an idea of how much resources I should have to advance. The first time I did this mission, only after achieving 100 villagers, building all 3 Castle Age buildings, and then a Castle was I made aware how much the Imperial Age upgrade costs.

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