Art of war is broken due to recent patches

Since the MAA is replaced with Ghulam for Abbasid, the generated Ghulam in the battle training can’t be beaten normally either with crossbows or knights.

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in a different thread it said they are looking into it… lets hope they fix it

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Discover this when I tried to teach my gf to play back to then…although we have broken up 1 month after this post lol

I also know about this because I remember attempting to do this challenge scenario of the Art of War but as of right now, it seems impossible to get through it.

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Im trying to complete Gold medal in every Art of war challenge but with this update it seems impossible.

Please help devs


I was able to get gold for battle training with the current patch. The trick for the first wave of Ghulam is to use Knights with their charge ability and the hidden forest. What you want to do it charge attack and then run and hide in the forest. Only attack when you are able to charge again. Try and divide the Ghulam. Keep a close eye on knights with low HP.