I’ve managed to survival up until 21 minutes time in OTTOMAN - ART OF WAR but still get silver reward. I earned THE OTTOMAN ARTS as a proof that i managed to earn it but still got silver medal. this is frustrating.

Please have a look at the attached photos.

Wrong forum, @moderators, can you move this to #age-of-empires-iv:age-of-empires-iv-bugs ?

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Moved :slight_smile: to age4 section

Hey @Leon18—the issue here is that you got the achievement when you shouldn’t have, correct? Or did you survive longer than 21 minutes, but the game didn’t recognize that (as your record is listed as 20m 52s and gold is 21m or longer)?

I survived longer than 21minutes, but the game did not recognize that. so i was forced to just repeat the challenge.

It recorded 20seconds delay

We’ll investigate—thanks @Leon18!