Artillery-like Siege Elephants

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Im on holidays, are they suppoused to counter infantry, art and buildings there?? But Im defenitely will give it a try to look how they work at the battlefield.

In some way it feels fair as they are countered by a lot of units, let see

I like the Siege Elephants as they are because they are India’s mortar option from 30 range. Very useful in groups just to snipe some buildings, but definitely counterable by culverins, skirm masses, and basically everything else. They are fine.

If you take away that mortar option for India, I can imagine India having a harder time like the Warchief civs when they didn’t have captured mortars - walls are gg for India. Yes, you can try to use flail elephants and a few other units to take down walls. But pathing is awful on flail elephants (I use them a lot and they are clunky in treaty) and it’s not effective. India needs to keep its mortar option.

India DOES, however, need an artillery option (which I am very glad that this has been brought into attention). India already has anti-cav (1-pop Zamuraks, strong sepoys, and even formidable mahouts to counter and tank enemy heavy cav). Howdahs are nice like stronger War Wagons, but India can do fine with the other anti-cav options.

I think Howdahs could take on that artillery role. Or some other elephant with AOE and infantry multipliers.