[ARTS] It's time to face the truth. Salamanders are barely visible

Hello. I’m a big fan of random Unknown Maps and on those maps especially, Salamanders are being spawned as hunts. Sadly those are barely visible.

Please devs, make them more visible: change their color, make them bigger, idk.
I got fooled multiple times into believing my closest hunt near the TC is the berry bushes.

Thank you !


They should stop treating salamanders like a joke hunt. They have 500 food on them which is the same as a Bison! They should be more similar to a Turkey in terms of food yield. They should also be available on more than just one outlying islands on a single map. They are found all over China so they should be on maps in that region.

image Year of the Dragon
This card could also be changed to spawn several Salamanders per Village instead of Monitor Lizards. The lizards aren’t remotely strong enough to make the card worth it and giving some extra hunts might be better.


I believe there will be a Year of the Rabbit card next year, you can eat rabbit meat lol

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