As of current update luring with scout boar will suddenly return to starting position

When luring with scout - boar will sometimes still back pedal randomly.

Might have to do with the boar not always instantly attacking the scout after the first hit and just ignoring the scout to turn a different direction before finally reacting by the second hit and possibly only registering 1 hit.

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Could post a video of the issue plz?


Good news, so laming is harder.

How consistently does this behavior occur?

The Boar has a chance to turn around and walk back immediately after this first hit. This is how the game always has behaved. If this happens, it resets the “hit counter”. This doesn’t happen too often, but was something to be aware of when the Boar needed to be shot twice with Villagers.

Have you posted on bugs as well?

I had the same issue on one of the other patches, the boar run back every time after about 10 tiles.
I’ve stopped to even try laming after this. Not that I lamed much before.

I haven’t- I want to but I currently don’t have the time this weekend - if someone more experienced in making bug reports could give it a try to make a proper report(I’m not experienced in bug reports) would be a big help

This is a big issue for me because I lure my own boars with my scout often and it’s a pain to waste hp on a failed lure and have to resort to a vill + scout lure if the scout’s hp gets too low…

The timing is very important cause it can mean idle time for all the food vills under the tc.

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Anywhere between 1 in 3 game to 1 in 10 - odds are inconsistent

I time the boar hits and retreat at just the moment when the scout finishes the second hit and before the boar can hit twice - retreating towards away from the boars’ face in a straight a line as possible to trigger the boar to chase rather than continue into its second attack

I’ll need to download some software-

Good - Down with lamer!
Boars should two-shot scouts but stay on the scout after 1 hit

That would be weird - getting killed in two hits means that sometimes a single boar would kill the scout even if the scout retreats at a reasonable time.

Can you double check a rec and make sure that you indeed did attack the Boar twice (click the Boar and check that its HP drops twice)? The Scout’s attack animation is not in sync with the time when it actually attacks (as is the case for many units). Even though it looks like the Scout attacked twice, it may have attacked only once.


I’ll see what I can do- my habit is to run as soon as the sound of the second attack is heard

Not good news.

Anyway it is a good investment to send a scout and a villager to kill enemy boar even if both die :slight_smile:

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This game has the boar hit twice (hp went down for both blows) - and stayed close to the boar on the way to the town center and the boar suddenly decides to not follow the scout

play by play: the scout hits the boar - the boar stutters as if going to attack and then ignores the scout without attacking - second hit - the boar reacts and attacks then starts chasing the scout a short distance almost all the way to the tc before back tracking its steps.

MP Replay v101.101.47820.0 @2021.05.15 141240 (1).aoe2record (2.6 MB)

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A little more rare: sometimes the boar will attack after the first hit - stutter and ignore the scout right before the second hit, stutter again after the second hit - and on the third hit have the counter reset to 1 hit and if fled before making a 4th hit the boar may stop following the scout because of it - this possibly may happen an infinite amount of times - tho is rare - but it is an issue

The scout may die before successfully luring a single boar

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