Asian cards that need buffs

Make this card available for all Asian civs and amplify the discount to 50-40%, similar to Good Faith Agreements (which is an Age I card…). It might sound like a lot but do the math on how hard it is to gather export Seeing how Influence works, should Export have viable means that makes it a reliable resource income if you invest on it?


Bro… just compare this to Giant Gren shipment, Pistoleers or even 9 highlanders. This is an Age III card btw, 1k gold

I’m tired of saying this over and over but all of these cards need to be infinite like they are for Europeans

Make this card special by giving it more "special resources trickle. Buff XP and Export to 0.5 /s

Wokou units training should be unlocked when sending their ships, regardless of the map.

There’s a bug that decreased Flamethrower attack, in TAD it used to be +20%, now it’s on the Grenade Trooper for some reason. Make this card increase flamethrower range as well

I can’t even with this one… Any ideas? The art is cool and it seems like a giant waste.

Could also increase their build limit +1 and/or increase the XP they produce, given that Asian miss out on the Tavern trickle but still have to pay 225w for a 0.7 xp trickle (vs 150w for Euros).

Given the name and history, it could also shadowtech your Manchu and make them available at the tavern (NOT STABLE PLEASE TO KEEP BALANCE, unlike Dutch cards…). Could perhaps give them longer range as well or a x1+ to their multipliers.

I think that all flamethrower cards could use a +1 flamethrowers, cause right now they are not really worth it.

This is waaay too much gold and little pay off for an Age IV card. Give Iron Troops more range with it so that they can still counter Dragoons in the late game.

This card is very underwhelming as well. Maybe more damage and a shadowtech to Arsonists.

PS: I strongly insist, please make Manchu 2 pop again, no one was complaining about that.


These are the things that were always known and hilighted by the community.
But they have ignored these civs and issues to such a level , that no one cares anymore, and no one is interested enough to even ask for the change anymore.

  • At the launch of DE they used fake-cultural appropriation coz they found one Lakota guy to translate stuff :slight_smile:

  • They used KOTM to get some cash, and kept focusing on that.

  • TAR was a good approach.


The OG TAD civs and their mechanics were never looked into.

It took 15yrs for TAD civs to get a Native building. And the Monastries to get XP trickle. (Easy stuff to do)

Europeons mercenary got reworked, with waves of multiple patches and updates.

Asian civs just dont enjoy that level of limelight, people just use them in rush/1v1s extensively coz there the cards and mechanics doesnt matter much. and thats it.

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The ’ Royal Green Jackets ’ card should affect all rifle infantry and not just Gurkha. (mersenaries, natives, etc).


Also the useless bonus of 3 Gurkha with every consulate shipment.

Just wait and see.

This game has an enormous European playerbase for obvious reasons. There is a reason that Euro civs get more attention.

Plus Euro civs were just lackluster and now they are feeling unique again.

People have been asking for Asian reworks and the devs will probably deliver after their project of making Euro civs unique is done.

Looking at the casual lobby “NOWADAYS” it seems like the balance is tipping away from the euro playerbase.

I hope it might incentivise them to rework the asians

It shouldn’t be given that name in the first place.

Don’t know why they let this one pass after so many names fixed.

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That’s good then. Rehauling euros isn’t easy and touching the Asian civs in a correct manner is a can of worms but I hope they still open it.

Absolutely! And on that same note, this card’s multiplier should be generalized to the whole unit type (light infantry basically). Those 2 civs don’t get Arsenal so it is critical.


Very true, and new cards for Asian civs are poorly implemented (mostly), like a lot of the examples in this post are new cards that simply suck right now but with more love/thought could have been good ideas and viable cards.

I didn’t even touch on how Asian civs still don’t have access to Age V mercenaries, or how black riders got a buff while manchu got heavy unwarranted nerf that wasn’t mentioned on the patch notes, White Pagoda disciples die vs Spanish dogs and despite being “a proper shock infantry” with that Wonder they can’t even snare and keep their negative villager multiplier.

As an additional comment, I think that China should have a card that buffs Outlaws +15% attack and hp. Again, given their history…


To keep balance, I think that most of their buffs should go to “parallel elements” and not to their core units. So basically making consulate armies usable mid-long term, mercenaries, outlaws, underused cards and units (I think they did a good job with Rajput and could continue doing the same with Flamethrowers giving them 16 range, some musk have that and they currently have less range than a normal musk!)

I’m not really just talking of buffs or nerfs.

Asian civs are a stereotypical mess and they need to be reworked from the ground up.

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Yeah I know what you mean, I disagree. I am more of a reformist than “rework from the ground up”. I’ve loved this civs since TAD and I wouldn’t play them if they were radically changed. There’s always room for other games to try those other ideas.

There are many other posts that share your opinion but this is not a post about that. I suggest we leave it here to stay on topic and let’s agree to disagree.

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Exactly there are fundamental mechanics that pull them behind, if they are addressed, their civ balance will automatically become near to balanced.

I will keep the basic concepts the same as it is like wonder and type of units but I would change the cards, EXPORT and some stereotypical choice or buildings and units.

Sure yeah. This is a matter of a different post.

But just a friendly reminder that just because you like to play them as they are, does not mean that I like it as they are.

I think Asian civs should be designed to represent the actual history more or less. And not to satisfy stereotypical descriptions of the west. For example, why does India have a religious monk explorer who fights? That is just some fantasy that cringes me out and I prefer a military commander instead.

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That still is far more acceptable (if you see them as explorers rather than heroes) than many other odd choices.

The one that comes up to my mind right now is : “Karni mata Temple” : IDK why was it chosen ? there were literally tremendous brlliant choices/Monuments that were skipped.

And this particular temple was chosen coz the non-Native might found concept of a “Rat Temple” as “Exotic/Excitement”, Meanwhile the monuments own story is more related to religious beliefe and a Local diety of that particular region from a particular time period. And doesnt really relate to AOE3 at all.

There were certainly wayy better choices to make if they ever turned their research eyes all over the subcontinent.

I always thought the thing can be safely reskinned into something like a “lord” or “prince”, etc…

You have warchiefs for Native Americans, generals for Post-Colonial Americans, “princes” for the Africans. So Asians having an actual minor leader as the hero makes pretty much sense.

Monk is just too fantastical and stereotypical.

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Yeah I think that is easily fixed and I have no problem with that. The way to do it is changing the default hero. As for the alternatives considering that the USA has an astronaut, Swedes will have the God of Thunder and there’s gonna be a freaking bear explorer, there should be no need to remove the other ones, just change the default one to the Military General.

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I particularly dont think the default theme should change to a military one as per the Euro civs

A Chineese monk, a Brahmin Priest and, a Sohei monk all have a common faith related theme as an “Explorer” (not hero) So does their pseudo-aggressive abilities of stun, rather than a Crank-shot.

Just like the euro ones have Heroes.

Native-Americans have Warchiefs and so on for africans.


Indian gunpowder and Zamindars dont make sense neither. They should swap effects, I mean, both gurkha and sepoy have gunpowder while zamindars sends sepoys, so it should buff them, not otherwise.

Another ones are mystic syllable, anyone uses it?? What about empress dowager??