Assertive Seawall AI

Edit: found an error in the defense change. Fix uploaded.

The defense changes should be subtle so it’s hard to tell if they’re working or not. Hopefully I can get the attacks working again soon.

Also, fixed an issue causing island maps (and maybe others) to become saturated with walls.

Oh I also forgot to include the eyecandy. This is AI China vs AI Britain. The Chinese fleet wiped out the British one, only to come up against a coastal artillery battery. It’s a shame I only caught the tail end, there were twice as many ships and 3-5 more cannon when it started:

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Wow, this has been the best udpate yet. I’ve seen so much better behaviour from the AI. They build outpost, they defend, they make great bases, they build artillery, they age up faster, they build docks in many locations (most of the time). I even managed to prevent a very aggresive TC they were building near a shore just in time, and I just had a great time. I’ve seen they are now building outpost not only near docks but protecting other shores, but it still needs a little more work.

I think the AI is now handling great the naval warfare aspect for now, much better than original AI. I think the areas to test now is having them trying to get to fortress faster (access to artillery and TCS), and attack plans to other islands, especially the issue with units getting stranded in an island for the whole game. Down the road, maybe migration, but one step at a time. Its just a suggestion of course, and you may already have your own roadmap.
Can’t wait to see what else brings the next update!


Awesome! I’m happy to hear the water part is going well. Have you run into any unexpected coastal guns yet? That has to be my favorite feature so far.

I’m tracking the tower placement issues. I must be making some mistake because they aren’t supposed to build next to each other but they do anyway.

That’s basically the roadmap. I actually had a semi-working migration but scrapped it for a more ambitious version that never worked. I’m switching between the two depending on whether I’m making progress or not.

Time for some hype

(I’m orange)

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This is the breakthrough the AI has been waiting since 2005. Is this the current build? I have to test this, its making my inner child so happy

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It is! Sometimes the AI struggles, sometimes it does surprisingly well.

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Does it work only on Ceylon, or any island map? (mediterranean, Archipelago)

I’m testing right now on Ceylon, I’ll report anything I find. This is gonna open so much possibilities for these maps lol

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Also, I’d like to share some screenshots i took in the previous build (feel free to use them for promotion)

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Just Ceylon. I might be able to do a similar thing on other maps but it’s more of a total migration. The silly thing is, the AI is smart enough to move villagers between islands on it’s own, I think it’s just restrained not to.

Also, love the screenshots.

Swahili Coast is also playable now!

Plus I prevented the AI from building things on their first island so they don’t leave their military behind. It’s still a little hit/miss on whether they make the full migration but if they do everything seems to go pretty smooth.

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So after playing quiet a few games with the mod, I’ve found some areas where it has been lacking. The overall behaviour is definitely in the right direction, but these issues that have arisen delay the ai game a bit.

First, I’ve noticed the AI seems a bit reluctant most of the time in building fishing ships. Many times I find the AI with a defensible dock with outposts and ships, but none or maybe one fishing ship, basically leaving the player all the resources once they deal with that base. I remember I proposed some months ago that they should focus on military ships before devoting to a fishing fleet, but I feel it was toned down a lot. Its good to see they having an impressive fleet, but sometimes when watching recording, I noticed they have a lot of wood they won’t use because they are waiting to have the gold to build a military ship, when they could be building fishing ships and using the resources in the sea, that are often more plenty than land resources and infinite in the case of whales, infinite.

Talking about fishing ships, I noticed the Ai will use almost only them to transport troops, which delay their attacks to other islands A LOT. Fishing ships can only hold 10 units, and sometimes it tries to send a whole army across the sea, taking a lot of time, because they usually use just one. I think ai should have prohibited to use fishing ships as transport, or maybe only the explorer or maybe all units only during age 1. Also, many times they will have their bigger ships that can hold much more units be fishing near their docks, while on sight of an army moving in a single fishing ship. Also, it should prioritize to use bigger ships for transport when they are available, as they are more resistant, resulting in more successful landings. Transporting units with caravels in Industrial Age is inefficient and should only be done if there are no other ships available. The good side is that I’ve seen the ai moving their army to an island and then returning them to their original island when they need it or move it to another island to attack. They no longer leave a portion of their army stray anymore, but they could move faster using better ships.

About docks, I think delaying their build time is not working as intended, as they sometimes don’t build a ship until late in the game, which also contributes to the no fishing ships issue. They old behaviour of dock building worked better in my opinion, so I would argue that they should at least have one or two docks before delaying the others.

Now, for Ceylon and Swahili Coast, I think you should enable some buildings in the original island, and maybe not migrate all villagers at once or at least leave some behind in the island, as it usually has some resources that are safe from early attacks because of the TC anti ship attack. In ceylon specifically, everyone starts with a very safe gold mine, some trees and safe early food (along with docks and fishing ships), and they should not be neglected. Also, they definitively should build docks in the original island. many times I’ve left stranded a civ in their island because i sink their original catamaran before they can move anyone over to the continent and they wont move, not build docks to scape, just gather resources and then stay idle. Some defenses and docks on the original island is a must, it allows the ai to retake their bases if they are attacked.

Talking about the use of artillery, I think in maps like ceylon and swahili, they shouldn’t use all of them to protect the shore. Sometimes I see the ai leaving artillery behind on their attacks, and I think they should move some to attack to, while also leaving some behind to defend.

Lastly, I’ve noticed on Ceylon (I don’t know if it happens in Swahili too) some villagers stop doing nothing for the whole game, many times the ones that were on a mine and it gets depleted, they just stand there and wont do anything else the rest of the game.

Nonetheless, migration is working very good to be the first time the ai is able to do so, and with some tweaks it can only be better. Hope this feedback can help you with a new version of the mod!

I would also point out that in Ceylon and Swahili Coast, the AI doesn’t seems to build walls, which would help them a lot. Considering the Ai can build walls even in no water maps with this mod, I would argue it should on these maps too.


Thanks for all the feedback!

First, I’ve noticed the AI seems a bit reluctant most of the time in building fishing ships.

I’ve had some fishing tweaks on the mind for a while. I increased the range that the AI uses to calculate their desired boat total and increased the priority to build fishing boats when the AI sees that it’s team has more warships than the enemy (based on how many enemy boats are visible).

Unfortunately this is largely out of my control. There’s a monitor that the AI uses to bring troops back from an island. I was able to change that to only use warships but that’s the best I can do.

The first dock should still be built in transition, but the second is allowed after 6 mins now.

Ceylon is very patchwork. I’ll look into building some non-production buildings there but if I allow them to build production buildings then a bunch of units get stuck. I think that’s what’s causing the issue with the settlers standing around idle. The transport works great when everyone is on one island, but breaks down when some are separated.

It’s supposed to be capped at 5… I’ll reduce it on Ceylon and Swahili but let me know if you see more than 5 staged.

Unfortunately it caused major issues with transporting units back and forth, so I had to disable it.


Great, glad I could help!
I also would like to ask if you’d recommend playing the mod in maps with no water, as they won’t use a water deck anyway. I’ve found the walling ability on land maps is very good, but I’d like to know if there is something in the code that could make them perform at a less than normal level.

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Maps with no water should play just fine. Maps with some water that you want to contest should also play just fine.

The only concern is if you play a map with water off in the distance but then you rush on land while they’re building up lots of ships. It may not actually be an issue, especially on expert, since they tend to float so many resources anyway.

Great, I havent noted any isues but I wanted a confirmation nonetheless.

I’ll wait for a new update and will keep to give feedback, I’ll still be using the mod until then as it makes the ai more interesting

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Finally got around to uploading those changes I did 3 days ago, lol. There’s also a couple basic treaty changes people had asked for that I tried to implement.

I think I fixed the big issue with villagers going idle on Ceylon! 25 minutes in with 3 AI teammates and there were no big idle clumps! AI will also build a dock, extra house, and maybe a tower on the starting island. I told them to build a market also but they seem to have a mind of their own when it comes to the market.

Or maybe I broke it and now it won’t make any military buildings. :confused:

I finally got a picture of it. AI will wall their forward base if they can establish it (the towers are mine):


i’ve been testing caribbean with your latest updated, haven’t tried Ceylon yet. I’ve noticed the AI is not building outpost anymore to protect their docks, which makes easy to burn down. It does however build a navy, so you have to fight your way to them first lol. Also, the issue in the previous update about not building military buildings is fixed now. Interestingly enough, the ai as Hausa build a Palace in his base after i was done sieging it’s docks, but it wasn’t near the shore, more in base, so maybe that was standard AI behaviour of "buld a palace at any given time.

I also wanted to comment that while the AI is changing its docks position, they seem to only choose two, and then looking for more places, or if they do they take a bit to do it or commit to it. I remember it used to find an far out shore on its island and build a dock or two there, maybe an outpost. It doesn’t seem to be doing it anymore, if you find a way to enable it and have it have walls and maybe some military production there, with some artillery and units to protect, it would help them take more fishing grounds and deny them for the player, keep more docks up and help them economically.

I’ve been playing also in the Cosica and Sardinia map (two islands facing each other), and almost always it seems the ai builds a dock first at the front, then its side of the island and the one in the back of the island to gather the fish there, which is nice, although it needs some more defenses.

I also wanted to ask about the plans regarding walling all of the island, or try to space outposts along the coast (although having 2 or 3 outpost in the docks defending is something I enjoy and makes it harder to siege them). It would need the extensive fortifications card to have more than 7 outpost and be viable, but I know deck building is another beast entirely.

For now, the outpost issue is the more pressing one, and I’ll play Ceylon and Swahili to test them out.

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I toned it down so they wouldn’t make all their towers next to their first dock, but I’ll turn it back up slightly.

I think palaces are built differently than forts sometimes since they are more common for African civs than forts.

Now there’s an idea… I might be able to make a second fishing site under certain conditions. I’ll have to think about it.

That’s perfect behavior, or at least, that’s exactly what I’m going for.

Appears to be pretty much impossible. Wall building is only in a ring, and the island isn’t a ring. Maybe I could set the ring in the center of the island? I’m not sure.

I’ve been trying to get the towers to not build next to each other but it just doesn’t take. I’m not sure what’s going wrong.

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It’s actually doing it… it’s actually happening…

You see that stable? That’s not on our island. My teammate is building a forward base on the opponent’s island.

Big news coming, I hope y’all don’t mind a tease:


Over the past week I’ve been working with @BaltazarGreat to bring added support and functionality to the AI in Age of Pirates. The mod adds new maps, new in-depth natives, and new special ships trainable at the native settlements. Best of all, it’s now all fully playable vs the AI. If you’ve been following my mod I highly recommend you give Age of Pirates a try.

Age of Pirates is now packaged with a version of Assertive Seawall, but you can stay subscribed to both to keep up to date with the latest AI changes.


AI building livestock pens under certain conditions:

AI training canoes when allied with a native settlement:

AI attacking a castle with a massive fleet:

AI Garrisoning fishing boats in a dock (all you can see is the flag on the dock):

Unfortunately Ceylon is still buggy. The AI doesn’t seem to want to build any military buildings on the mainland.

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I just saw the mod was updated and wanted to comment, and I find these screenshots!. I’ll try to try it today, it seems the mod has come a very long way, hope the updates keep coming! :smiley:

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