Assign Rank Names To Elos

I found the rank names (conscript, private, etc) a nice feature of AOE3. It’s easier to gauge skill relative to the rest with a title rather than a 4 digit number. Plus, it’s become a staple of AOE3 multiplayer.


But it is inaccurate and easy to manipulate

They don’t have to remove the elo score. Simply also add a rank using the elo system.


sounds really fun

what if it depended on ur civ?

(indians get sultans, japaese get daimyos etc.)

might be too much though

I agree, it was also very useful.

Made a similar post elaborating on your concern here: (feel free to add your thoughts!1)

PR is more or less elorating. With a matchmaking system it’s not possible to manipule it that much.
I liked the PR system

its much easier just to see numbers than memorize if captain is more than coronel etc. We just see leaderboard (once it is complete and once we can search someone by name )(better if we see number displayed on his name on lobby). Im ok if rank names are displayed again, but a number its so much easier to give an idea of his rank, that trying to memorize what number has seargeant or private, if the names come, please make the number bigger than the name, so we can see the number (the thing that matters, and not the distractor)