Asymmetric Militia line upgrade (like Hussar vs Winged Hussar) for civs with bad stable

see heres the problem. i can totally see some of the die hard “graphics” fans arguing that people should see their units the way they see their units. i want to ensure that NEVER HAPPENS.


make it so we’ll never see paid skins. dont need any of that non sense in this game. DLC is good enough

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I can (and do) see a lot of people on the internet arguing for things that don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of happening. Considering how little attention the devs have paid to much larger communities asking for simpler things (e.g. bug fixes) for longer, I would be beyond shocked if the devs actually listened to whatever small minority wants this (I struggle to remember anyone that has on this forum, and every time you post your opposition to such an idea nearly everyone agrees with you). Feel free to continue your vocal opposition of course, it just seems like a lot of effort and concern for something so vanishingly unlikely.

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Do you have any examples of that? I’ve never seen anyone ask for it. The closest I’ve seen is people describing things like small trees as “essential” or “mods everyone should use”.

But even if it was something people were asking for, it would be an enormous effort to implement and it would have a negative impact on the game (at the least, it would render all graphics mods unusable). There’s just no way the devs would ever do it.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand why you’d want it to be client-side only – so would I. I just think you’re getting stressed out about a “possibility” that’s so impractical and lacking in benefit that it might as well be impossible.

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I don’t know why these forums have such a hard on for buffing the Militia-line speed. Militia already move fast enough, they are meant to be weak vs archers and kitable because they are strong in melee, in fact stronger than a Knight resource-wise.

Suggesting 1 speed in Feudal let alone 1.2 speed in Imperial is preposterous. Also I am not sure why a civ like Malay is put into the bag as a civ that NEEDS buffs, I can understand buffing Dravidians somehow but Malay are literally fine, even in late game, they have FU Halberdier, FU Arbalest, cheap Elephants, Bombard Cannons with Siege Engineers and a trash option.

I think you guys should play more as Celts and do MAA opening to see how annoying 1 speed MAA are to deal with, they bodyblock better, Archers don’t rly counter them well anymore in small numbers vs small numbers battles and so on.

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Consider them half Eagle and you’re good.

They lack mobility. They are one of the worst open map civ which barely managed to escape from bottom 5 thanks to inclusion of Bengalis and Dravidians. Even in closed maps they are not top 10. Buffing them will be tricky though as they have some very good potential to be OP in Arena.

That’s why my proposed one has 3.5% slower speed and 1 less attack than Celts MAA.

Edit: Now with the xbow and arbalester upgrade cost increase, I see Malay totally needs a buff.

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