At least give Russian cavalry an iconic Cuman mask or mail veil

The russian knight and light horseman in castle age has the same helmet.

Why not giving one of them a mail veil or cuman mask? Then you will have a cavalry with much more Russain characteristics.





agreed, this needs to be there

The developers were ignorant enough to combine Rus with Moscow (which is nonsense ) but now they should make it even more strange by adding Mongolian helms to the rus warriors? Moscow was until 1721 a part of the great mongolian empire and a paying vassal.
I propose to make just a separate “nation” - moscuvites as they called themselves until the very end of 19th century.

What incompetence, where did you come from so ignorant?
Muscovy is the direct heir of Rus, both by faith, land, and by the princely family of Rurikovich. The Mongol Empire in 1700, are you from our world?)


Moscow broke free from the Mongol influence in the late 15th century, the standoff at the Ugra river (1480) being considered the end of the Tatar Yoke. By 1720 Russia (already united since the 16th century) had conquered most of Siberia.

The Rus here cover the entire Russian people, that’s why the flag is NOT the flag of the Kievan Rus (yellow ukrainian trident on a blue background).

I am sorry that you were fed such lies about the “russian” history. You can read yourself that Moscow paid tribute to the Chingizides up until 1721 and that was Peter I who stopped paying…Up till 1721, read about 1720 - they were vassals of the Crimean Khanate.

This would be a great fix to the game

Throwing money at a problem is a common way of dealing with it when a war would have been more expensive. The Romans and Byzantines often paid barbarians to keep them away, but I wouldn’t say they were vassals of barbarians.

Omg, that is my exact feeling to how the HRE doesn’t have any teutonic knights. Like wth… I am pretty sure they are holding them back for selling skins because they know that is what the people clamor for.

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Like look at how cool that is, it is a real shame it’s not in the game.